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Back in November I was given the opportunity to collab with a brand called & select a couple of pieces from their website to write a little post about. Obviously I jumped at the chance to work with a brand that I'd never heard of before & explore their variety of products & the ease of their website, which I could share with you lovely folk.
I'd say ToSave is very similar to Amazon & Ebay in the sense that it's one old website with a whole lot of mix & matched products to chose from. You've got the whole works, from jewellery to fashion to electronics etc. However, the products are a huge bargain & the website is perfect for those with smaller budgets or who are looking for a little thoughtful something to send as a gift!
I opted for a couple of pieces of jewellery that I knew I'd treasure & get a hell of a lot of use from! These were my two picks that I've been pairing up with my outfits throughout the festive period (I also picked out a small back pack that you'll for sure see in an outfit post very soon!).
I don't own much if any gold coloured necklaces & therefore thought this would be the perfect opportunity to add a couple of pieces to my ever growing silver collection. For quite a few years I was never into gold jewellery & found I either had allergies to the metal or wasn't quite too sure it was really my colour. 
However, years have passed & I'm starting a fresh take on the likes of gold & giving it another go!
I chose designs & silhouettes that I felt were unique & delicate, rather than too much of a statement. This way they could be layered pretty easily!
I loved the idea of the antlers & luckily this arrived in time for Christmas, which meant myself & my Mum had a gold & silver version to parade all around the festive period. It's a subtle Christmas necklace, no tassels or glitter in sight but still has a hint of our beloved Rudolph.
The next was a layered piece with a choker style chain & then a slightly longer one with a tiny heart pendant. Again, not too in your face but enough to catch the eye. I've eyed up a couple of designs like this one on various blogs & websites but never found something I thought I could personally pull off or one within my budget (I'm such a stingy bugger!).
I liked how delicate this necklace was & as the chains are adjustable it means I can wear them with a little more length if preferred as I'm still not 100% sold on the choker trend.
My items flew in from China so I would just double check the delivery time in case you do have a certain date you'd need your purchases by!


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