Billie Piper Vibes

Anyone else facing a bit of a massive old wall stuck in the middle of their inspiration? I'm currently lacking major inspiration yet I'm super motivated & raring to go.. but no idea what with? I'm really keen to jump on the YouTube wagon once again, it's been a few years yet I seem to be making any old excuse as to why I can't sit down & record a new video..
My Instagram is stressing me out (which is absolutely ridiculous as it's just a social media page) but for some reason I'm finding myself getting really wound up about the most pathetic things such as the wrong filter on a photo or how I've captured a post.. it's RIDICULOUS.
The most pathetic & useless things to get worked up about & for some reason they're really bugging me & I know it's all to do with my lack of inspiration. I'm guessing it's down to the time of year, we've just had all these gorgeous celebrations & now we're almost in this limbo of a comedown of not knowing what we're doing, back to work & being told we should definitely start the gym.. yeah, that wont be happening for me.

I even wanted to spice things up a little & decided to take the plunge & travel back to the dark side of being brunette, which I am absolutely adoring! So for now, I'm posting older outfit posts to try & scramble as much inspiration pre-Christmas as I can & get back into my blogging, into my YouTube & find what works for me.
I'm surrounded by such talented bloggers & creators & it really makes me feel like I'm slacking compared to what they're producing. But then it also encourages me to push myself more & work harder on blog posts & creating fresh & unique content.
So, here's to a year of being brunette & relocating that inspiration! (I feel like Grandad in Hook whose lost his marbles.. GREAT film). I'm thinking of creating smaller blog posts on a regular scale, rather than one every now & then, which isn't as beefy to read, what do you reckon?
& to start it all off with.. here's my take on a classic Billie Piper look from her earlier Doctor Who days.. "because we want to"? GREAT song.

Jumper- H&M    Trousers- New Look     Jacket- Beyond Retro
Hoops- New Look    Trainers- Adidas (Stan Smiths)


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