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Stripes & Savings

Recently I've been drooling over so many different home interior pieces as I'm super broody to get a place of my own (again) & pour my particular & personal taste on more than just a room that I currently rent off of my Mother. It may be something so simple but I can't wait to get my mitts on some fresh bedding & pick out new patterned sets as at the moment I'm just sticking with all my mismatched sets that I've had for many years. I felt there's not much point splurging on bedding that will match my current pistachio green walls & floral patterned wallpaper but then clash with my future home. But now that I've got my beautiful velvet cushions from H&M I'm buzzing to start collecting bits & bobs of homeware! I'm like a big kid in a candy store resisting to clutter my room. Whilst browsing along Oxford Street a few days ago I couldn't help but gawp at the insanely incredibly retro chairs that lined the walls & corners of …

Smear Test, Fear Test

I wanted to talk about something that has become largely talked about recently in the female society. Smear Tests! Something we may completely fear or take with a pinch of salt along with other health checks. It's something that absolutely terrifies me & I can't decide whether that's because of the idea of revealing my most private part of my body to a complete stranger or it's the possibility of discovering a health problem. Turning 25 symbolized that as a UK citizen I would now be eligible for free smear tests, which would detect any in-formalities that could be linked to cervical cancer. I knew this milestone was approaching & it was a thought that was always shoved to the back of my mind until the day when I knew I would have to face it. Having a smear test health check free of charge is one of the most incredible NHS benefits because it's something so simple that could possibly save your life. Therefore I know I would be completely stupid & irrespons…

Reworking Festive Gems

These photo's are a little delayed in becoming a part of a blog post seeing as they were actually taken on Christmas Day, hence the rather dazzling chiffon top. However, I still really wanted to showcase this outfit in a blog post as it was one of my favourite's over the festive period & I feel that it's an outfit that can still be worn for smarter occasions. A little sequins & stars can never be too over the top! I ended up wearing this sparkly number a heck of a lot throughout Christmas & the build up to New Years as it was a top that was super versatile with jeans, skirts or smart trousers & therefore a perfect addition to my 'celebratory' wardrobe. I paired it up with a pair of bleached Mom jeans for our Secret Sandra meal (originally Secret Santa but somehow auto correct liked Sandra better), I then wore the glitzed piece with these wide legged trousers, it was dragged out once again on New Years with a leopard print skirt & I even wore this …

Yorkshire Pudding Dream

Pretty chuffed to say that I've finally got my hands on my very own hard copy of The Greatest Showman soundtrack & boy have I been banging out those tunes the majority of the morning! If you haven't seen it yet then you NEED to see it! I dragged my boyfriend along as I'd been dying to see it since it was released a few weeks ago, not realizing it was a musical (my boyfriend hates musicals) but after we left the cinema he was pleasantly surprised (as was I) at how much he enjoyed it, even with all the frequent breaking into dance/musical routines.

Yesterday was one of the high lights of the year so far (even though we've barely touched 2018) as we wondered into the big smoke & hunted down a restaurant via Secret London, which stuffs Yorkshire puddings as a dish. Well, firstly you had me at Yorkshire puddings & the fact that they cater for both sweet & savory dishes just blew my little mind away. So of course we headed for that very restaurant (Reform Social…

Faux Fur & Leather

Absolutely gutted that after spending the majority of yesterday taking blog photos & filming a 'What I Got For Christmas' video, half the footage is unusable & is now in the rotting away in the virtual rubbish bin. You know when you feel super chuffed that you've accomplished so much in one day & then come to realize that you've pretty much achieved sweet FA.. so, so annoying. I have, however, managed to rectify one or two photos to use for social media seeing as all the others are super exposed & useless, so at least I have something to show for my efforts. Ah well.. onwards & upwards & another day of attempting to film a YouTube video for my very, very neglected YouTube channel that's currently simmering in a cloud of dust.

To make myself feel better I had a bit of a splurge on ASOS & a further one on Monki to wipe away my sorrows, which of course it wont & turns out it will only be wiping away my bank account. But I couldn't resi…

Billie Piper Vibes

Anyone else facing a bit of a massive old wall stuck in the middle of their inspiration? I'm currently lacking major inspiration yet I'm super motivated & raring to go.. but no idea what with? I'm really keen to jump on the YouTube wagon once again, it's been a few years yet I seem to be making any old excuse as to why I can't sit down & record a new video.. My Instagram is stressing me out (which is absolutely ridiculous as it's just a social media page) but for some reason I'm finding myself getting really wound up about the most pathetic things such as the wrong filter on a photo or how I've captured a post.. it's RIDICULOUS. The most pathetic & useless things to get worked up about & for some reason they're really bugging me & I know it's all to do with my lack of inspiration. I'm guessing it's down to the time of year, we've just had all these gorgeous celebrations & now we're almost in this limbo o…

Jewellery Of Dreams | AD

Back in November I was given the opportunity to collab with a brand called & select a couple of pieces from their website to write a little post about. Obviously I jumped at the chance to work with a brand that I'd never heard of before & explore their variety of products & the ease of their website, which I could share with you lovely folk. I'd say ToSave is very similar to Amazon & Ebay in the sense that it's one old website with a whole lot of mix & matched products to chose from. You've got the whole works, from jewellery to fashion to electronics etc. However, the products are a huge bargain & the website is perfect for those with smaller budgets or who are looking for a little thoughtful something to send as a gift! I opted for a couple of pieces of jewellery that I knew I'd treasure & get a hell of a lot of use from! These were my two picks that I've been pairing up with my outfits throughout the festive period (I als…