Merry Christmas!

Firstly, I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas & cramped in as much food as physically possible, celebrated in high spirit with the nearest & dearest & of course over indulged on a ridiculous amount of Christmas telly.
I was in charge of the Christmas film & of course I opted for Gremlins.. an absolute classic for the festive period. I've scoffed my body weight in pigs in blankets & drowned in a pool of thick gravy. It was a grand Christmas!
I was also gifted a Jurassic Park print with an art deco twist & oh my God, it's incredible! I can't stop admiring its beauty & humming the theme tune whenever it catches my eye. An absolute treat of a present!

I'm always someone who prefers the build up to Christmas rather than the day itself, anyone else on the same boat here? This fell into conversation yesterday around our Boxing Day dinner table & I'm definitely someone who indulges in the build up way more than Christmas Day.
I love the festive hot drinks menus, the slightly tacky Christmas decorations that are hung in our streets or malls, every families take on their Christmas tree's (whether they be real or artificial)& their selection of decorations, exchanging Christmas cards, the Christmas classic tunes & of course PANTO!
I feel the build up is so nostalgic & comforting somehow? It just makes me so, so happy & although it can be a stressful time of the year, I personally find the whole countdown just so thrilling & for sure one of my favourite times of the year.
Plus.. we now have the big old sales at our finger tips.. Already jumped on that bandwagon & purchased myself a cheeky few things for New Years Eve!

Skirt- Primark    Coat- Topshop   Boots- New Look 
Jumper- Zara    Top- Zara   Sunglasses- Primark     Hat- ASOS  


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