Festive Gift Ideas; Sister/Girlfriend

This was pretty tough for me to write up & not go absolutely bat sh*t crazy collecting gifts that I personally would love to receive & instead focus on creating a general post, which hopefully has something for each of those special ladies in our lives.
I seem to have a theme of faux fur running throughout though? Not sure how my love all ridiculously, monster like hairy things has seeped out in this post, even though I was so careful not to shop for myself.. (that sounds absolutely horrendous).


1.Satin Star PyjamasAbsolutely gorgeous gift idea, a simple pair of pyjamas! But to spice them up a little you have the glamour of satin material & a dreamy star print.. & how could we possibly forget that adorable peplum detailing?!

2.Deep Red Lip Kit; I opted for a deep rouge colour to represent the big fact CHRISTMAS factor here! How could you go your Christmassy business without a trusty rich red lipstick to see you through the festive period?!

3.Faux Fur Cross Body Bag; Here's my first faux furry beast debut to this blog post, I thought a bag is a classic accessory that is never seasonal & can never be too much of a statement.. EVER.

4.Shaggy Faux Fur Robe; .. & here is my second faux fur piece. Two in one collage, oh my?! The teddy bear dressing gowns were an incredible hit & now I give you the shaggy faux fur robe, the next extreme comfort piece to see you through those snuggly Winter evenings.

Urban Outfitters

1.Furry Sloth Cushion; There is absolutely no real reason as to why a sloth cushion has made my top Urban Outfitters gift picks other than it is a sloth cushion. That is all.

2.Rainbow Metallic Record Player; As mentioned in my previous blog post a record player with bluetooth connection that can be linked up to your chosen speakers is an absolute banger of a gift! Plus, Urban Outfitters stocks a variety of vinyl to start collecting!

3.Geo Moon Sign; I love all those neon & fairy light signs that you see scattered all over Pinterest & Instagram so I thought what could be a most simple gift other than some wall decor, which lights up & casts a warm glow across the room?

4.Fujifilm Instax; If you haven't heard of these mini Polaroid cameras then you must have been hiding under a rock somewhere. They are absolutely everywhere! Taking over the planet! & I am still saving up for my very own one!

Feel Unique

1.Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb; I've recently had this perfume gifted to me by the boyfriend for my Birthday & honestly I practically smother myself in it each & every second of the day. I know fragrances can be quite hit & miss to buy for another person because we all have our particular favourite scents but I've known a lot of friends who too are in love with this perfume! Absolute winner Viktor!

2.Urban Decay Naked Pallet; A fall safe eye shadow pallet that will melt the hearts of all those who are make-up enthusiasts or even those who are partial to the smokey eye once in a while. 

3.Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium; Another scent that is pretty popular from word of the mouth- it's a warm, musky scent with a real punch to it. It's one of those perfumes that settles well on the skin & leaves a lovely aroma after a few hours as it's a little heavy when it first hits the skin.

4.Rituals Body Scrub; I have the foaming shower gel of this & I can't tell you how scrummy my bathroom & body smells after a good scrub. I can't stop sniffing myself.. is that a bit TMI?


1.Giant Golden Wonder Bath Bomb; The size of this bath bomb just makes me want to wee with excitement at the thought of all that fizzing & colourful madness that would explode in your bath tub. ITS MASSIVE!

2.The Experimenter; This gift boxes are an all round winner for Christmas seeing as they provide a variety of products to see you through the festive period. There are 10 bath bombs all together.. 10! That's 10 kaleidoscope bath times!  

3.Merry Christmas Gift Box; This gift box contains all your festive favourites including 'Christmas Sweater' which is filled to the brim with smells such as ginger, the all time Christmas essential!

4.The Night Before Christmas; A slightly smaller gift box this one but still crammed with two goody bath delights! 'Shooting For The Stars' & 'Christmas Eve' so you can mix the two together & throw in your bath bomb then accompany it with a crumbled taste of bubble bar for some killer bubbles! All set for the big day!

*  *  *

So those are my collective pieces for a festive guide that would suit most sister's/girlfriend's/best friend's or who ever springs to mind when you see these gifts! This is the third installment of my 'Festive Gift Idea' blog posts & this has certainly been the easiest for me to indulge in. In fact- I had to drag myself off of most of the websites to stop myself from hitting the checkout! It's just too dangerous for me to 'browse'.. what even is that?
I hope you enjoyed reading this post & you're getting all geared up for the big day. Anyone else a hater of mince pies & all for the yule log?!


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