Festive Gift Ideas; Mum

I've been urming & arghing about creating a sort of gift guide for the festive period & couldn't decide how to go about creating such a post as I usually stick to my comfort zone of 'outfit of the days'. However, I'm biting the bullet & giving it a crack by starting off with Festive Gift Idea's; Mum's.. which will basically by my Mother/Mother-in-Law/Mother Figure addition.

I thought I could then write up a different post for different members of the family/loved ones separately & focus each post on a particular person. Plus, it means I get to be a bit of a big kid & have a virtual take on circling items in the Argos catalog, if you get my drift?

Obviously every Mother has different hobbies & tastes so this is just a rough guide to what I would personally pick out for the Mothering figures in my life, not just my own Mother, as they are very different people.


1. Bookshop Candle; First up, I thought this was quite a quirky, yet cosy scented candle for the home. Who doesn't like snuggling up with a book & better yet the smell of dusty old collectors book stored in worn out pine shelves.. (I'm not selling this too well, am I?!)

2. Lego Family Portrait; How adorable is this family portrait.. but with Lego figures? Annoyingly the price does rise with more family members, however it makes a perfect gift for smaller families!

3. Finger Print Pendant; I am a sucker for anything sentimental & adorable like these pendants, an absolute sucker! I think they're such an affordable & unique gift for someone you love.

4. Wine Tea Cup; What could be better than a fancy old tea cup filled to the brim with wine? EXACTLY. 


1. Green Checkered Scarf; I thought this was a lovely winter accessory to gift, you can't go wrong with a scarf & they're all one size so you needn't worry about getting the wrong one.

2. Embellished Crystal Flutes; How gorgeous are these champagne flutes?! A festive screaming dining feature & I think they would compliment any Christmas table.

3. Reed Diffuser; Once of my all time favourite gifts to receive is anything relating to candles or reed diffusers- they're an item I use all year round so why not stock up whilst you can? This scent is White Grapefruit.. Mmm.

4. Givenchy Cross Body Bag; This is a little pricer than the other items I picked out from T.K.Maxx but I just couldn't resist this statement accessory for those ladies who love a higher end brand. A simple & classic design for an elegant accessory.


1.Stocking Charm; I can't resist a gimmicky charm to accompany my Pandora, now can I?! These charms are all selected because I merely squealed at them the loudest whilst flicking through the website.

2.Gingerbread Man Charm; Another teeny, tiny silver piece that pulled on my heart strings a little stronger than some of the other pieces.

3.Cinderella's Carriage; How could I miss out a Disney collectors piece from my Pandora selection? I thought this piece isn't too sickeningly sweet but a perfect amount of Disney elegance & magic.

4.Candy Cane Charm; Again, another Christmas piece to sprinkle a sh*t ton of festivity onto your Pandora charm bracelet. 


1.Dawn French 'Me To You'; When asking my own Mum what books she would recommend for other Mother figures out there she immediately without hesitation suggested Dawn French's new book.. My Mum is 99 out 100 times right, I'd give it a read!

2.Hidden Figures (DVD); I saw this advertised not too long ago & was eager to see it in the cinema, however it clearly slipped my mind yet it's now on sale! Getting my mitts on this one! The untold story of the ladies who were part of the brains behind NASA.

3.Hurrah For Gin; I love books like these! Just tongue in cheek, factual scenario books we can relate to some way or another. Plus it has gin in the title.. Hello!

4.Gin Syrup Gift Set; Again, more gin. But I thought this would make an ideal present for any gin lovers out there, who are a sucker for trying new & unique twists on their favourite G&T's.

*  *  *

I hope this helped gathering a few ideas for gifts- of course I know there are squillions of other brands & websites that I haven't mentioned in this post, simply because I would have been here until mid January collating all my favourites together. As mentioned before I am going to be creating 'Festive Gift Ideas' for different family members & loved ones during the countdown to the big old day (25th) so stay tuned! What are you favourite gift bargains you've managed to get your mitts on to be wrapped up under the tree?!


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