Festive Gift Ideas; Dad

Welcome back to the second installment (corr.. sounds a bit like a chat show host) of my 'Festive Gift Ideas' where I scurry up a collection of my favourite gifting idea's for those we love near & dear.
This blog post is all about the Father figures we have in our lives, whether that be Dad's, Step-Dad's, Uncles or Grandparents etc these are my chosen favourites from a small selection of brands that I think will be cherished by many, if not all?

Not On The Highstreet 

1.80's Iconic Car Print; How ace is this print?! In fact, I wouldn't mind my own copy chilling on one of my walls. I've actually asked for a Jurassic Park print for Christmas but this would certainly be a beautiful addition to add..

2.14 Award Winning Beers of The World; I know that not everyone's a beer drinker but I thought I'd add this chosen gift to my collection for those who are. An exotic twist on your usual 'cold one'! 

3.Personalized Leather Bracelet; I actually bought something similar for my boyfriend for his birthday & he seems to adore it! It's a simple gift but has such sentimental value by adding engraving of your choice, which could be in the form of a message, special date or coordinates (which is what I chose as we have a long distance relationship & thought the coordinates to home would be adorable).

4.Decanter With Tags; Again, another gift for those who are partial to a drink- some rather beautiful collector looking decanters that can store all your favourite liquors & be displayed to spruce up your own private bar area. I'm just head over heels love the vintage vibes spewing out of the gorgeous engraved glass!


1.Spitfire Cufflinks; For those men in our lives who are RAF or engineer enthusiasts why not treat them to a pair of cufflinks that aren't too garish for those smarter occasions.

2.BBQ Tool Set; I know a lot of Father figures who will squeal with happiness over a BBQ tool set, you know the ones! Those who pride themselves on the flashy gas flamed cookers & who produce the mouth watering hot dog/burger delights throughout Summer for us sweaty folk.

3.Build Your Own Retro Radio; This gift will keep 'em busy! I thought not only is it a unique & pretty awesomely sweet gift idea building your own radio (as let's be honest, who doesn't love those craft sets that seem to see time race by!) but you also get a neat little gift after all the hard work. 

4.Bluetooth Record Player; Mixing the old with the brand spanking new! A classic take on those record players we've seen sneaking back into the highstreet from decades ago but with a hint of the modern era. Hook up your home speakers via bluetooth & you can blast your favourite records as loud as ya like, meaning no wires or messy cables everywhere!


1.Smooth Faux Leather Washbag; Every man needs a wash bag at some point in his life, whether they travel a lot or not it's super handy to have ready a simple wash bag with all the necessities to grab last minute. Whether that's being called away on business without much notice or you're planning a weekend away, it's piece of mind to know that you have all that you need topped up in your wash bag! 

2.Cashmere Woven Scarf; I thought I'd mention a scarf in this blog post too as it's a gift that you can pretty much give everyone knowing it will be absolutely rinsed from wears throughout the chilly period. 

3.Textured Saffiano Holdall; Another item for those men who travel a lot on business or pleasure & need a trusty holdall to keep by their side throughout their journey. This is a perfect cabin baggage size too so can be stored away with you during flight as is the perfect size for a weekend away!

4.Icon Car Socks; What can I say about having too many socks? You cant. They're there one day & then you blink & they're gone, hence why socks make the ultimate gift (as long as they're jazzed up a bit somehow!) as you know they wont be gathering dust any time soon.

Virgin Experiences

1.Indoor Skydiving; These a little more 'out there' in terms of gift ideas but I thought they're reasonably priced for what they include! So, indoor sky diving? The safety of being in a safe controlled environment & you still get an ultimate thrill at the end of it all!

2.High Speed Passenger Ride; This is a little pricier than the others but for those who love an adrenaline rush & are car fanatics I couldn't think of something more perfect to treat them to.

3.Whiskey Lounge Experience; There it is again, something else relating to alcohol! But you learn how to make whiskey cocktails? Is that even a thing?!

4.30 Minute Flying Lesson; Again, for the price this is INSANE. To actually pilot a light aircraft for not one but thirty minutes.. WHAAAAAA?!?!

*  *  *

Once again I hope this has helped or triggered a few ideas in terms of gifts for those Father figures of ours. As mentioned before I know there are absolute tons of brands & companies with just as incredible & thoughtful gifts for us to splurge on for our loved ones over the festive periods but this blog post would be horrendously long if I included them all! 
I'm also trying to not repeat brands in each blog post to cover more of a variety & showcase as much as I can on this teeny tiny screen. Happy Christmas shopping everyone!.. Remember caffeine & deep breathing is incredibly handy at this time!



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