Festive Gift Ideas; Brother/Boyfriend

Thanks for joining me in what will probably be my last installment of the 'Festive Gift Idea' posts that have been popping up all over my social media & blog recently. I've thoroughly enjoyed playing window shopping & bringing you, what I hope is a little inspiration to those who may have a few scrambled heads over what to purchase their loved ones for Christmas. 
I've actually found some pretty sweet hidden brands that are sometimes pushed to the corners by the bigger contenders but in fact have some of the most insanely wicked gifts that money can buy. This blog post is all about those brothers/boyfriends/best friends who love their gadgets, alcohol & of course anything Star Wars (I found a ridiculous amount of it).


1.Carharrt Burgundy Beanie; Everyone can use a beanie or woolly hat throughout this chilly period & I know one or two boys who absolutely are head over heels in love with Cartharrt- so why not mix the two together in a gorgeous burgundy colour?!
2.Crep Protect Travel Kit; Anyone else's boyfriend/brother obsessed with their trainer collections? Mine dare touch his without having some sort of coated protection on them.
3.Obey Orange Beanie; Again, a beanie.. it's cold.. therefore wrapping up is an excellent idea! Also, this one's orange. ORANGE.
4.Nike Tech Fleece Joggers; These are super comfy, still super stylish & flattering (not like some other jogging bottoms) & they would make a little bit of a more pricier but perfect gift.


1.Original Storm Trooper Decanter; Here's the first of many pieces of Star Wars gifting that I have discovered whilst on this little shopping adventure. A pretty awesome collectors item & would look fabulous as the centre piece on a bar cart or shelf of some sort.
2.Smartphone Projector; I just thought this was quite quirky? Something a little bit different & yet super handy, especially when you're having a binge on YouTube.. 
3.Cards Against Humanity; Who isn't partial to a cheeky came of Cards Against Humanity?! This game is cringey, incredible & an absolute cracker of a party game!
4.IPA Beer Making Kit; Another alcoholic item but I liked the idea of a crafting theme. I hear lots about people making their own ciders & beers so why not have an easy, peasy kit to help?

Find Me A Gift

1.Moon Bracelet; As mentioned previously on my other blog posts, I am an absolute sucker for anything soppy & this is no exception. It's not too lovey dovey & still says something sentimental.. naww.
2.Star Wars Death Star Mood Light; Oh hey.. another Star Wars item! My boyfriend actually spotted this is another store & was squealing about how insane it is, so as I scrolled through Find Me A Gifts website it was hard no to re-imagine that squeal & add it to my list!
3.Personalized Light Box; Another item that I thought was sweet- it's a little more sickly than the first but I like the idea of the sign being a light box so it add's a little something.
4.Starwars Colour Changing Glass; Could it be another Star Wars item? Surely not!


1.Coffees Of The World;So I discovered this brand on Google & really, really wanted to add some of the Alice In Wonderland gifts that I came across, but I thought that wouldn't quite work on this post? But my God this brand does some friggin' good sh*t! A gift box of coffees of the world?! How friggin insane!
2.Mulled Wine Gift Box; How could it be Christmas without mulled wine? But how about a mulled wine gift set? Thank me later.
3.Teas Of The World; So I gave you coffees of the world, I now give you teas of the world! For the price you're paying you get your moneys worth for sure! I love how you squeeze all these unique flavours from different countries into one little gift.. I just love it!
4.Gourmet Coffee Gift Box; You had me at the packaging! I mean come on, it looks super pricey & super smart, making all of these gift sets an incredible gift for someone special this Christmas!

*  *  *

Once again, thank you for stopping by & giving this blog post a little scroll for any ideas! I know sometimes I can go into a complete frenzy & a sense of being overwhelmed at the thought of where to even start with my Christmas shopping & end up sticking with vouchers just because it's a fail safe.
This year I wanted to go back to the old school days of where gifting was about finding items that can relate to that person or you know they'll absolutely adore with the element of surprise of not knowing what they've been gifted.
I've also found this year has been much more of a breeze when it comes to Christmas shopping because I'm simply browsing & finding the perfect purchases & discovering different brands for more unique gifts.


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