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Merry Christmas!

Firstly, I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas & cramped in as much food as physically possible, celebrated in high spirit with the nearest & dearest & of course over indulged on a ridiculous amount of Christmas telly. I was in charge of the Christmas film & of course I opted for Gremlins.. an absolute classic for the festive period. I've scoffed my body weight in pigs in blankets & drowned in a pool of thick gravy. It was a grand Christmas! I was also gifted a Jurassic Park print with an art deco twist & oh my God, it's incredible! I can't stop admiring its beauty & humming the theme tune whenever it catches my eye. An absolute treat of a present!

I'm always someone who prefers the build up to Christmas rather than the day itself, anyone else on the same boat here? This fell into conversation yesterday around our Boxing Day dinner table & I'm definitely someone who indulges in the build up way more than Christmas Day. I love the festi…

Festive Gift Ideas; Brother/Boyfriend

Thanks for joining me in what will probably be my last installment of the 'Festive Gift Idea' posts that have been popping up all over my social media & blog recently. I've thoroughly enjoyed playing window shopping & bringing you, what I hope is a little inspiration to those who may have a few scrambled heads over what to purchase their loved ones for Christmas.  I've actually found some pretty sweet hidden brands that are sometimes pushed to the corners by the bigger contenders but in fact have some of the most insanely wicked gifts that money can buy. This blog post is all about those brothers/boyfriends/best friends who love their gadgets, alcohol & of course anything Star Wars (I found a ridiculous amount of it).


1.Carharrt Burgundy Beanie;Everyone can use a beanie or woolly hat throughout this chilly period & I know one or two boys who absolutely are head over heels in love with Cartharrt- so why not mix the two together in a gorgeous burgundy c…

Festive Gift Ideas; Sister/Girlfriend

This was pretty tough for me to write up & not go absolutely bat sh*t crazy collecting gifts that I personally would love to receive & instead focus on creating a general post, which hopefully has something for each of those special ladies in our lives. I seem to have a theme of faux fur running throughout though? Not sure how my love all ridiculously, monster like hairy things has seeped out in this post, even though I was so careful not to shop for myself.. (that sounds absolutely horrendous).


1.Satin Star PyjamasAbsolutely gorgeous gift idea, a simple pair of pyjamas! But to spice them up a little you have the glamour of satin material & a dreamy star print.. & how could we possibly forget that adorable peplum detailing?!
2.Deep Red Lip Kit;I opted for a deep rouge colour to represent the big fact CHRISTMAS factor here! How could you go your Christmassy business without a trusty rich red lipstick to see you through the festive period?!
3.Faux Fur Cross Body Bag…

Festive Gift Ideas; Dad

Welcome back to the second installment (corr.. sounds a bit like a chat show host) of my 'Festive Gift Ideas' where I scurry up a collection of my favourite gifting idea's for those we love near & dear. This blog post is all about the Father figures we have in our lives, whether that be Dad's, Step-Dad's, Uncles or Grandparents etc these are my chosen favourites from a small selection of brands that I think will be cherished by many, if not all?

Not On The Highstreet
1.80's Iconic Car Print;How ace is this print?! In fact, I wouldn't mind my own copy chilling on one of my walls. I've actually asked for a Jurassic Park print for Christmas but this would certainly be a beautiful addition to add..
2.14 Award Winning Beers of The World;I know that not everyone's a beer drinker but I thought I'd add this chosen gift to my collection for those who are. An exotic twist on your usual 'cold one'! 
3.Personalized Leather Bracelet;I actually bought …

Festive Gift Ideas; Mum

I've been urming & arghing about creating a sort of gift guide for the festive period & couldn't decide how to go about creating such a post as I usually stick to my comfort zone of 'outfit of the days'. However, I'm biting the bullet & giving it a crack by starting off with Festive Gift Idea's; Mum's.. which will basically by my Mother/Mother-in-Law/Mother Figure addition.
I thought I could then write up a different post for different members of the family/loved ones separately & focus each post on a particular person. Plus, it means I get to be a bit of a big kid & have a virtual take on circling items in the Argos catalog, if you get my drift?
Obviously every Mother has different hobbies & tastes so this is just a rough guide to what I would personally pick out for the Mothering figures in my life, not just my own Mother, as they are very different people.


1. Bookshop Candle;First up, I thought this was quite a quirky, yet cosy s…