The North

The North, eh? What the devil are you doing all the way up there? Well, you see, I'm currently touring for a small production of Alice in Wonderland, one of my all time favourite children's novels. I've played several Alice before, but covered in scabby blood & screeching at people over in Tulley's Farm Shocktober'fest, so I thought I'd fluff & sparkle things up a little & give it a go at the old panto version.
I drove my little knackered car all the way up to Stockton-On-Tee's this time last week & have since been working my toosh off to take our teeny, tiny production on the road, all packed & crammed into the back of my car. Our shows are mainly performed in the Manchester area, so therefore.. I'm currently making myself at home in the glorious city of Manchester, a place I've been craving to visit for a while.

Of course I jumped at the chance of exploring the world famous Christmas markets & I can assure you they certainly did not disappoint. I felt like a kid in a candy store & just couldn't stop gaping at all the crafts & Christmas delicacies. Bratwurst anyone?!
I managed to kill a good 6 & a half hours roaming around the city centre, cradling a coffee in a small cafe, peeking at all the Black Friday deals, attempting to start Christmas shopping.. which just didn't happen (classic!). However, I did pick up a little something for myself (check out my most recent Instagram post for a sneak peek!).

 However, I am very much a Southern girl. I'm always so, so cold! & especially now that I'm tackling the Northern weather on a day to day basis, it shows how weak I am with admitting I'm freezing my butt off.
I thought I'd be crafty & try to bring the bare minimum to last me on such a small tour, however I did skip out on bringing extra layers & coats.. dumb butt. I even saw snow for the first time in a good few years whilst making the drive from Stockton-On-Tee's to Manchester.. a proper mini snow storm occurred on the M60!
That was probably the 'ah shit' moment when I realized I would certainly be regretting not packing an extra few chunky knits.

Dress- Newlook    Jacket- Forever 21   Top- Newlook
Boots- Newlook    Lipstick- MAC (Dangerous)

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