Baker Boys & Teddies

I can't think of a single day I've scrolled through Instagram & not spotted a baker boy hat balancing on a bloggers head.. literally not a single one springs to mind. Therefore, my needs & wants for my very own baker boy hat rocketed & I knew it was a matter of time before I too could have a balancing baker boy hat on my head.
The problem is I have a slightly larger head than normal, no joke- I've always struggled with wigs & costume hats fitting onto my oversized head so therefore I'm pretty cautious when I purchase headgear knowing that it will probably be a little too snug.
If you too struggle with this problem then have no fear, I've found a hat that slides beautifully onto my head without cutting into my skull & cutting off any blood supplies.. YAY!

This black baker boy hat is from ASOS & has the perfect structure to it meaning that it doesn't sink in the weird area's during wear, giving it that deflated look if you know what I mean?
It also has the detailing of a pleather cap to add a little elegance as well as gold stud detailing either side. I just absolutely love my little hat! It makes me feel a bit like a train driver..
Head gear has always been around for absolute centuries but recently it's made much more of a impact & come back to the modern fashion world. We've seen the rise of fedoras & berets but now we're starting to see new styles & cuts entering our highstreet & taking it by storm.
It's one of those accessories that can be pulled off by absolutely anyone! Beanies & pom pom hats are always a Autumn/Winter must have but slowly we're certainly seeing a lot more different hat designs & takes on the classics & this excites me to think what style they'll resurrect next! 
I've also noticed the absolute craze over teddy bear jackets/coats hitting our highstreets once again for another year. Years & years ago whilst working at Tosphop I remember when we first had them delivered in stock & they literally flew off the racks! 
I just couldn't personally see myself pulling off such a fabric as I'd never been confident with faux fur or anything that could be a little more eye catching that the 'norm.
Therefore I stuck to my leathers & denim jacket, the ultimate comfort zone! 

However, look at me now!
Absolutely rolling about in my teddy bear jacket from Miss Guided & feeling like I'm being embraced in a huge cuddle 24/7.
I couldn't think of anything better during this cold weather, which I'm absolutely loving!
I genuinely can't think of a better time of the year than when its bitterly cold & the ultimate layering combos come out. We then have the most gorgeous sun sets/rises & the colours are unbelievably incredible, whether they be from the crunchy leaves on the floor or the deep red skies in the evenings.
Autumn is my all time favourite season & it also means we are officially in birthday month, which makes me wee a little with excitement.
I've even purchased a chocolate advent calendar to count down to my birthday date, however I discovered the calendar finishes on the 24th & my birthday falls on the 29th.. so that wasn't quite to plan.
I also managed to open the 11th instead of the 1st yesterday?..

Jeans- Boohoo    Jacket- Miss Guided    Top- Forever 21
Boots- Primark    Hat- ASOS


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