Back On Tour

Look at those bad boy Cruella De Vil inspired booties! They'll be making the puppies scram in terror.
I'm currently training them to be comfortable for my feet, you know what it's like wearing brand new shoes & having blisters, cramps & rubbing in awkward places meaning you have to suffer for a few wears before being able to take them on long hikes.
It certainly is a work in progress I tell ya!
So, I've made it back from the sunny side of the world & now it's back to reality on home soil. I spent the last week over in Louisiana seeing family & celebrating my cousins wedding, which was incredibly Southern & an absolutely beautiful ceremony.
I also managed to make my first ever stop over trip whilst flying home as the direct flights were triple the price compared to the stop overs. 
I didn't panic or get lost .. or have a nervous breakdown, which for me is an incredible achievement! Woohoo!
And in fact, it made the 10 hour journey fly by (lol ironically) rather than being stuck on one single flight with the minutes painfully ticking by.

And now I have a selection of songs on repeat in order to get them stuck in my head for my Manchester tour that is fast approaching. I shall be performing a short version of Alice in Wonderland in a two man show around the city of Manchester, which is another big milestone for me in my performance career as to be honest it's been very quiet on that front.
But I guess that's the nature of the career right? Slow & quiet patches until something pops up out of the woodwork & you then have to fight hundreds of actresses who look similar to you for this one role.
So unfortunately I shan't be wearing much more of these boots for a short while until Christmas but fortunately I have something even more amazing than these boots to look forward to.
Paired up with my black tassel jeans & teddy bear coat, two absolute essentials this Autumn/Winter for my wardrobe. I also dug out this t-shirt from Topshop, which I've worn possibly once? I seem to have forsaken it to the bottom of my wardrobe, which happens to be a small habit of mine with clothes, however once I recover them I do give them all the TLC in the world!
So, onwards & upwards to new adventures no matter what they may be or what they may bring us!

T-shirt- Topshop   Coat- Miss Guided   Jeans- Topshop
Boots- Zara


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