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The North

The North, eh? What the devil are you doing all the way up there? Well, you see, I'm currently touring for a small production of Alice in Wonderland, one of my all time favourite children's novels. I've played several Alice before, but covered in scabby blood & screeching at people over in Tulley's Farm Shocktober'fest, so I thought I'd fluff & sparkle things up a little & give it a go at the old panto version. I drove my little knackered car all the way up to Stockton-On-Tee's this time last week & have since been working my toosh off to take our teeny, tiny production on the road, all packed & crammed into the back of my car. Our shows are mainly performed in the Manchester area, so therefore.. I'm currently making myself at home in the glorious city of Manchester, a place I've been craving to visit for a while.

Of course I jumped at the chance of exploring the world famous Christmas markets & I can assure you they certainly …

Black Friday Bagged Bargains!

Apologies that this is not the prettiest post I've ever posted but I wanted to smash as many bargains from our much loved brands into one post & this seemed the most logical way to do it? I've rummaged & hunted down codes & discounts for us to splurge on so hopefully you can bag a few Christmas treats! ox.

20% off everything (code: WIN20)
Amazon Up to 50% off selected items (discount added automatically)
Accessorize Up to 30% off selected items (discount added automatically)
All Saints 30% off everything (discount added automatically)
Anthropologie 20% off everything (code: ITSYOURS)
Dorothy Perkins 50% off everything (discount added automatically)
Esprit Friends & Family £25 off (£60 minimum spend) & New customers £15 off (code: FRIYAY17)
Forever 21 50% off selected items (discount added automatically)
French Connection 50% off womens/menswear (discount added automatically)
Gant 20% off selected items (discount added automatically)
H&M 20% off everythin…

Back On Tour

Look at those bad boy Cruella De Vil inspired booties! They'll be making the puppies scram in terror. I'm currently training them to be comfortable for my feet, you know what it's like wearing brand new shoes & having blisters, cramps & rubbing in awkward places meaning you have to suffer for a few wears before being able to take them on long hikes. It certainly is a work in progress I tell ya! So, I've made it back from the sunny side of the world & now it's back to reality on home soil. I spent the last week over in Louisiana seeing family & celebrating my cousins wedding, which was incredibly Southern & an absolutely beautiful ceremony. I also managed to make my first ever stop over trip whilst flying home as the direct flights were triple the price compared to the stop overs.  I didn't panic or get lost .. or have a nervous breakdown, which for me is an incredible achievement! Woohoo! And in fact, it made the 10 hour journey fly by (lol ironic…

Baker Boys & Teddies

I can't think of a single day I've scrolled through Instagram & not spotted a baker boy hat balancing on a bloggers head.. literally not a single one springs to mind. Therefore, my needs & wants for my very own baker boy hat rocketed & I knew it was a matter of time before I too could have a balancing baker boy hat on my head. The problem is I have a slightly larger head than normal, no joke- I've always struggled with wigs & costume hats fitting onto my oversized head so therefore I'm pretty cautious when I purchase headgear knowing that it will probably be a little too snug. If you too struggle with this problem then have no fear, I've found a hat that slides beautifully onto my head without cutting into my skull & cutting off any blood supplies.. YAY!

This black baker boy hat is from ASOS & has the perfect structure to it meaning that it doesn't sink in the weird area's during wear, giving it that deflated look if you know what I mea…