The Bigger Splurges

Autumnal colours are an absolute dream- FACT. I can't get enough of those burgundy & navy shades mixed into the boldest, cutest patterns money can buy.
I'm not the best at saving, not one bit but I've recently been super tight with any money I've been earning, which is just so, so alien to me but it means that when it comes to splurging on treats I'm absolutely terrified to dip into those savings.
However, sacrificing those smaller spends on unnecessary products or clothing pieces that I just decide I can't leave behind in exchange for travel & experiences is something that is really growing on me.
 I've recently splurged out on flights to Louisiana as it's my cousin's wedding & although I am super thrilled & weeing with excitement at the thought of seeing a new country & part of America I could have cried at the thought of parting with such a large chunk of money that I'd saved.

I even thought about passing on the opportunity to fly out & thought I should just stay sitting on my little savings comfort zone but something was urging me to take the plunge.
It's easy to sit there & worry about money & savings etc but in the end I guess it's all about memories & experiences life has to offer.
Without getting too deep I think I'm just hitting that milestone in my life where I need to indulge in my traveling bug & enjoy the time I am able to visit new countries before I have any serious commitments.
I'm almost 25 & that terrifies me that I'll be needing to think of mortgages & a full time career to ensure I am financially safe but for now I'm going to enjoy the time I am able to jet off when ever I fancy it & as long as I'm earning my own money I don't see why I can't treat myself once in a while?

So, now that I'm all booked in to fly out to the USA I guess it means I'll be holding back on splurging on my wardrobe for a little while but it certainly is worth it! I am an absolute sucker for clothing hauls & find it almost impossible to not buy new clothes, maybe that's why I'm a style blogger? Because I have a ridiculous obsession with my wardrobe & just can't seem to say no to shopping.. Oops!

Coat- Topshop    Trousers- Newlook   Top- H&M
Shoes- Newlook


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