'Not More Clothes'

Hey look.. it's that tooth paste dress with that Topshop denim piece that never seems to shy away from my Instagram or blog! What can I say? It's a dream combo!
I am fo'sure embracing anything 70's & 80's right now and this jacket can't scream those era's enough. White stitching detail on the hems and a deep indigo wash is everything right now.
My collection of jackets seems to be ever growing as my boyfriend pointed out the other day, yet I feel a special place in my heart for each and every denim piece I own.
I also always feel a little guilty purchasing another denim jacket even though the wash and cut may be completely different to any others I already own and therefore I feel I can completely justify my purchase?

To me there is nothing wrong with purchasing a garment or accessory that is similar to one you already own if you feel it can be styled and worn a completely different way.
I don't feel naughty or bad for owning a small collection of denim jackets because each of them are paired up with totally different pieces to create completely contrasting looks that suit my style.
I even feel terrible when I have another delivery at the door and my Step-Dad takes that crisp package from the couriers hands with an eye rolling glance. It's just the classic 'not more clothes' expression that always gets thrown around when he see's I've been shopping.. again.
Yes.. I've ordered something else..
But it's my money that I've earned from working so therefore I'll be treating myself with pieces that make me feel confident and good.
I guess I'm trying to justify my spending habits but compared to the 14 year old me I am very selective of garments that I buy and aim for quality not quantity.
I remember the days of walking into Primark with a £20 note and picking up the crappiest of crap that I really wouldn't wear or need just because I want my moneys worth.
Don't get me wrong, I love a good bargain! In fact I always try to find alternatives to pieces I love but with a smaller price tag.
However, I now shop online or in-store for items I've been craving for and dreaming about rather than making online orders just.. well just because?
Is this adulting?..

Dress- Monki    Jacket- Topshop   Boots- Newlook
Top- Newlook


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