I Dare You

I'm really liking the idea of making my blog posts a little more unique and interesting rather than constantly writing outfit of the day posts, which are a pretty easy read. I love the thought of putting a little more meaning behind each post (maybe not all but the majority) and create a juicer blog post.
I thought I'd use this post as an opportunity to talk about being daring with your personal style.
A few years back, about the time I started blogging my style was nothing special and it had no meaning to me when I think about it? I would wear whatever was on 'trend' without thinking if it worked with my body shape or complimented my hair/skin tone. 
I never thought too much into my style and would pick anything with a tiny price tag and as long as my friends were wearing it or even others on Facebook then it must be fashionable.

 Zoom forward a few years and I am on a completely different level with my fashion choices and confidence to wearing something completely different compared to my friends. Perhaps that's a teeny part of the journey growing up, learning what works for you and your unique tastes.
I love being a little more bold with my choices and I always choose colours that I know work best with me. For example, lighter colours are much more suited with my blonde hair and warm my skin tone.
I also love Googling different eras and grabbing as many ideas for styling as possible. I've got the biggest soft spot for the 70's, 80's and 90's and style a lot of my outfits around these eras with a little personal twist of my own of course.
You would never have caught my 20 year old self wearing a pair of flares with an explosion of floral print.

And more importantly I don't care if my friends, family or work colleagues aren't too keen on my outfit choices because I dress how I want to dress.
I'm inspired by certain colours and layering techniques that might not float their boat but that's whats so beautiful about style and fashion, it's so unique to each person.
So.. I dare you.
Ever seen a garment and thought 'I couldn't possibly wear something so bold and out there'? Well why not give it a try? If it's something that's caught your eye but you're not sure how you could pull it off then I dare you to give it a go.
You never know it could be a piece that has the compliments flowing in or that fits your figure perfectly and becomes the most flattering item you own.
It's all about trial and error but you'll never know until you try! So experiment with those colours you were once afraid of, clash those patterns that you absolutely adore and have fun with your trial, errors and of course successes. 
I dare you!

Shirt- ASOS    Trousers- H&M   Shoes- Newlook   Earrings- Topshop


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