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The Bigger Splurges

Autumnal colours are an absolute dream- FACT. I can't get enough of those burgundy & navy shades mixed into the boldest, cutest patterns money can buy. I'm not the best at saving, not one bit but I've recently been super tight with any money I've been earning, which is just so, so alien to me but it means that when it comes to splurging on treats I'm absolutely terrified to dip into those savings. However, sacrificing those smaller spends on unnecessary products or clothing pieces that I just decide I can't leave behind in exchange for travel & experiences is something that is really growing on me.  I've recently splurged out on flights to Louisiana as it's my cousin's wedding & although I am super thrilled & weeing with excitement at the thought of seeing a new country & part of America I could have cried at the thought of parting with such a large chunk of money that I'd saved.

I even thought about passing on the opportunity to…

I Dare You

I'm really liking the idea of making my blog posts a little more unique and interesting rather than constantly writing outfit of the day posts, which are a pretty easy read. I love the thought of putting a little more meaning behind each post (maybe not all but the majority) and create a juicer blog post. I thought I'd use this post as an opportunity to talk about being daring with your personal style. A few years back, about the time I started blogging my style was nothing special and it had no meaning to me when I think about it? I would wear whatever was on 'trend' without thinking if it worked with my body shape or complimented my hair/skin tone.  I never thought too much into my style and would pick anything with a tiny price tag and as long as my friends were wearing it or even others on Facebook then it must be fashionable.

Zoom forward a few years and I am on a completely different level with my fashion choices and confidence to wearing something completely differe…

'Not More Clothes'

Hey look.. it's that tooth paste dress with that Topshop denim piece that never seems to shy away from my Instagram or blog! What can I say? It's a dream combo! I am fo'sure embracing anything 70's & 80's right now and this jacket can't scream those era's enough. White stitching detail on the hems and a deep indigo wash is everything right now. My collection of jackets seems to be ever growing as my boyfriend pointed out the other day, yet I feel a special place in my heart for each and every denim piece I own. I also always feel a little guilty purchasing another denim jacket even though the wash and cut may be completely different to any others I already own and therefore I feel I can completely justify my purchase?

To me there is nothing wrong with purchasing a garment or accessory that is similar to one you already own if you feel it can be styled and worn a completely different way. I don't feel naughty or bad for owning a small collection of denim …

90's Replicas

Do you ever want to be really stingy and avoid splurging out on delivery costs when buying online? I am one of the worst offenders. Ironically, rather than spending £3.95 or whatever it may be on postage I would rather total the order up to £50 or £30 depending on the minimum spend for free delivery. This doesn't seem logical?!
And.. this is exactly how I managed to get my mitts on this gorgeous knitted piece. Rather than pay a delivery charge I opted to tally my order up to £20 on ASOS, which meant finding something for around £5. However, my beady eyes spotted this 90's replica and I couldn't say no to an extra £25. (Lot's of numbers appearing in this post already!). 

The colour's and the clashes are just screaming my name and all the combinations of how I could wear this beauty began racing through my head, blood pressure hitting the roof and my heart racing. So, next thing I knew it was in my online basket, appearing in a very satisfyingly smart cardboard box and …

Let's Talk Paranoia..

I never usually write about personal issues or opinions on my blog as I've never really had the balls to write down feelings in such a raw format for anyone's eyes. But I guess you can say that I wanted to join the ever growing social media awareness on mental health and open up about a personal issue that I battle with constantly.. even writing that last sentence makes me feel a lot more dramatic than I'm implying. 
There are tons of battles that every single human being fights on a daily basis, some more corrosive to the body or mind and some than can be hidden away without any form of physical existence.
What I wanted to share with you today was my struggle with paranoia. Now, in writing it sounds harmless and I'm sure everyone can relate to an occasion where they have too been paranoid but I seem to battle with paranoia on a daily and sometimes hourly basis.

I feel that if I'm not paranoid or worrying about something then it will result in something terrible happe…