Polka Dots & Cold Shoulders

Do you have those photo's that are taken hours before something annoying/bad happens? Well, these are a set of photo's that bring back a pretty bad memory for me.
So, shortly after I took these outfit photo's I managed to then drive my car into a crater (and I mean crater). I was doing a wonderfully tight parallel park and sadly didn't notice the massive, gaping pothole in the side of the road, therefore my little black car fell down and ended up in such a weird angle that I couldn't even open the driver door to get out.
T'was not a great day for me or my car.. Fortunately my parent's, my boyfriends parent's and a God sent passerby managed to dig the vehicle back out.. my little black car lives to tell another tale!

*   *   *
My trousers are my dotty polka dot masterpieces from Newlook, which annoyingly are now in the sale.. classic.
They're a jogger style trouser with an elasticated waste, so uber comfy and yet still flattering and slimming on the old legs.
I then have a fairly old piece from Primark, which my friend actually donated to me when these colour shoulder camisoles were all the rage a few years back.
However, cold shoulder style tops still seem to be lurking about and haven't exactly left the highstreet, so I'm guessing they're still a hit!
On my feet are my Stans, oh my beautiful Stan Smiths! I'm gutted that I'm not the most careful person to care for gorgeous trainers but I still look them none the less with a little tat. 
It's just hard watching them becoming less and less sparkly by each wear, but that's a sign that they're truly worn with lots and lots of love.
I have the earrings that every single girl who shops in Topshop also has. Those tassel bad boys! Who isn't loving a statement earring at the moment? They really do complete any outfit.

Top- Primark    Trousers- Newlook    Earrings- Topshop
Lipstick- MAC (Men Love Mystery)   Shoes- Stan Smiths


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