Toothpaste Dress

I wasn't going to post these photo's to begin with but after a little colour adjusting and thought, I decided I'm going to blog them anyway as I do love, love, LOVE this dress and it would be a shame not to talk about this outfit of the day.
I wasn't particular unhappy with the photo's as such, it was more that they turned out very over exposed and I just wasn't sure if I was able to salvage the best of the bunch to create a blog post.

*  *  *
Anyhow.. this beauty of a dress reminds me of tooth paste for some reason? Must be to do with those blue, pinky'red and white stripes!
Another Monki sale item, which as mentioned in my previous post was a mini sale haul I collected when I discovered my Summer dress collection was appalling and needed an uplift.
I thought I'd pair up an old Topshop cropped Jersey tee in grey to add a real tom'boy feel to my outfit and also to add a super casual vibe. Always loving a casual twist on any outfit!
On my feet are my Primark Western style sling back boots, which I've mentioned in a previous post knocking about somewhere on my blog. 
These bad boys are a size too big for me as there wasn't a 6 in stock and rather than walk away like a sane person would do, I opted for the size up so they're a little loose.
These Western boots have literally been my lifesavers this miserable Summer that we've experienced over in England.
It's too wet to wear sandals so therefore I can wear my Western boots without the fear of getting hot/sweaty feet.. let's be honest, feet are one of the worst sweaters in existance (a little too much info).

Dress- Monki   T-shirt- Topshop   Boots- Primark


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