Something A Little Different

This isn't usually a look I lean towards on a day to day basis but it's good to try new things, right?
I'm always a little cautious to try those styles and trends that aren't usually in my comfort zone. Whether I suit some better than others it's all a learning curve for me to see what works with my personal style, facial shape and features.
For example, I used to have my hair slicked back tight into a low pony-tail throughout most of my educational life and swore I would never repeat this stage of my life.
.. Well, look at me now!
Suddenly, those greased back ponies are back in trend and I'm rocking that bad boy once more.
I've also opted for bold orange eye make up, another episode of my life that I never thought I'd see again as gone were the days of those little cheap gift sets with the most radioactive colours.
But now I'm seeking out the most outrageous colours to line my eyes with.
It's fabulous to be bold in different aspects!

*  *  *

My peplum gingham shirt is a Primark bargain and although it's a little warm to wear during the Summer, it certainly is a perfect piece for a day in the office.
Paired up with my black Topshop tassel jeans I stuck with a monochrome theme rather than anything colourful for some reason. I just thought a little monochrome here and there can never hurt even though I'm trying to stick with a big old colour pallet within my wardrobe.
On my feet are those glorious Gucci duplicates that I mentioned in my previous blog post, again another Primark classic. Clashing the gingham with a floral print all tha' way baby.
A very simplistic outfit of the day for me but sprucing up the old black and white with a little bit of something extra.

Top- Primark     Jeans- Topshop    Shoes- Primark


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