Monki Maxi's

Well, I managed to end up on and have treated myself to a handful of dresses to add to my pretty small dress collection.
As it hit half way through Summer I decided that I needed to invest a little into a selection of dresses seeing as when the temperatures do decide to rise (believe it or not in rainy old England!) I don't end up over heating in my current clothing variety.
Sometime's it's just too warm to wear trousers or a skirt and you want something loose fitting to just throw on. I hunted through Monki's sale and pulled out a few pieces including this pastel pink maxi dress, which is an oversized fit and is perfect for the Summer days.
I've also been wearing it paired up with t-shirts underneath and hoping that during Autumn I'll be wearing turtle necks and jackets along side this beauty.
I do keep forgetting, however, that my usual fast paced walk is a little more limited as the material isn't stretchy and therefore my legs can only part so far during a stride.
There have been occasions where I almost stumble from over anticipating how much give the material lacks.. luckily not complete stacking has occurred so far!
On my feet are my River Island £5 bargain skater shoes from a few years back. As we're not allowed to wear trainers at work these are the closet thing I can sneak in without being told off.. mwahaha.
I opted for a dark lipstick to really bring out a grunge vibe with the whole outfit and a scruffy little bun, which works perfectly when I don't try hard.. annoyingly.

Dress- Monki     Glasses- Primark    Shoes- River Island   Lipstick- NYX


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