Gucci Doubles

Oh look.. even more stripes being featured on my blog, that's a surprise!
But lets be honest, stripes are one of the easiest to pair and most flattering patterns around and therefore you just can't get enough of them.
Who'd of thought that such a simple design can be so popular with so many in such different varieties?!
I've featured these cropped plisse trousers a mountain of times on my blog so if you're a regular reader you'll know about these bad boys.
If you're knew (hey!) they're from good old Topshop.
These trousers have actually been lifesavers throughout the warmer months as sometimes skirts/dresses aren't my cup of tea and I wan't something with a little more material.
These trousers are perfect as they're light weight, flattering and overall very, very comfortable.
I wore a peachy peplum style top from Primark, which was abandoned on a rail and I never spotted any others in the shop.
Therefore, it was love at first sight and not matter what the size was I was havin' it.
It's a little on the larger side but as long as I'm doing a regular 'boob check' to ensure my boobs are not on show.. we're all good!
My shoes & sunglasses are also Primark, absolute steals! My shoes are especially absolute gems seeing as they're a replica of the Gucci loafers that are available and I've seen many bloggers wear.

However mine are a fraction of the price and still as gorgeous!

Top- Primark    Trousers- Topshop   Shoes- Primark
Sunglasses- Primark


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