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Toothpaste Dress

I wasn't going to post these photo's to begin with but after a little colour adjusting and thought, I decided I'm going to blog them anyway as I do love, love, LOVE this dress and it would be a shame not to talk about this outfit of the day. I wasn't particular unhappy with the photo's as such, it was more that they turned out very over exposed and I just wasn't sure if I was able to salvage the best of the bunch to create a blog post.
*  *  * Anyhow.. this beauty of a dress reminds me of tooth paste for some reason? Must be to do with those blue, pinky'red and white stripes! Another Monki sale item, which as mentioned in my previous post was a mini sale haul I collected when I discovered my Summer dress collection was appalling and needed an uplift. I thought I'd pair up an old Topshop cropped Jersey tee in grey to add a real tom'boy feel to my outfit and also to add a super casual vibe. Always loving a casual twist on any outfit! On my feet are my Prima…

Monki Maxi's

Well, I managed to end up on and have treated myself to a handful of dresses to add to my pretty small dress collection. As it hit half way through Summer I decided that I needed to invest a little into a selection of dresses seeing as when the temperatures do decide to rise (believe it or not in rainy old England!) I don't end up over heating in my current clothing variety. Sometime's it's just too warm to wear trousers or a skirt and you want something loose fitting to just throw on. I hunted through Monki's sale and pulled out a few pieces including this pastel pink maxi dress, which is an oversized fit and is perfect for the Summer days. I've also been wearing it paired up with t-shirts underneath and hoping that during Autumn I'll be wearing turtle necks and jackets along side this beauty. I do keep forgetting, however, that my usual fast paced walk is a little more limited as the material isn't stretchy and therefore my legs can only part so far…

Something A Little Different

This isn't usually a look I lean towards on a day to day basis but it's good to try new things, right? I'm always a little cautious to try those styles and trends that aren't usually in my comfort zone. Whether I suit some better than others it's all a learning curve for me to see what works with my personal style, facial shape and features. For example, I used to have my hair slicked back tight into a low pony-tail throughout most of my educational life and swore I would never repeat this stage of my life. .. Well, look at me now! Suddenly, those greased back ponies are back in trend and I'm rocking that bad boy once more. I've also opted for bold orange eye make up, another episode of my life that I never thought I'd see again as gone were the days of those little cheap gift sets with the most radioactive colours. But now I'm seeking out the most outrageous colours to line my eyes with. It's fabulous to be bold in different aspects!
*  *  *
My peplum g…

Gucci Doubles

Oh look.. even more stripes being featured on my blog, that's a surprise! But lets be honest, stripes are one of the easiest to pair and most flattering patterns around and therefore you just can't get enough of them. Who'd of thought that such a simple design can be so popular with so many in such different varieties?! I've featured these cropped plisse trousers a mountain of times on my blog so if you're a regular reader you'll know about these bad boys. If you're knew (hey!) they're from good old Topshop. These trousers have actually been lifesavers throughout the warmer months as sometimes skirts/dresses aren't my cup of tea and I wan't something with a little more material. These trousers are perfect as they're light weight, flattering and overall very, very comfortable. I wore a peachy peplum style top from Primark, which was abandoned on a rail and I never spotted any others in the shop. Therefore, it was love at first sight and not matter wh…