Effortless Summer Attire

Happy Saturday y'all!
Once again I've been doing my Princess thang and serving up some old school party games at children's parties in my high polyester mixed costumes.
.. And for once I am thrilled that it's not ridiculously hot & sunny on the weekend because I wont be sweltering in my little car that has no a/c.. first world problems, eh?
However, I do miss being able to throw on simple, effortless outfits like the one above with the warmer weather. My monochrome pleated trousers are a Topshop bargain that I have seen most girls wear around my town. I guess when you get such a cute item of clothing hitting the highstreet you'll never be the only owner, right?
Super, duper comfy and versatile.. two of my ultimate factors when selecting pieces of clothing to stock into my wardrobe.
My v-neck jersey top is also a Topshop piece, a little more old school but still a great little number to throw together with outfits.
You can never beat a simplistic jersey item!
On my feet I have my tassel, multicoloured strappy sandals that were a Primark find as I'd been eyeballing those pom pom sandals that come into Season each year & I always find myself indecisive as to whether I can pull them off or not.
These were therefore my alternative!
On my face for once rather than balanced on my head are another Primark pair of sunglasses. I've decided that sunglasses are definitely a collectors item for me as I always seem to grab a pair or two when entering a Primark store.

Top- Topshop      Trousers- Topshop
Sandals- Primark    Sunglasses- Primark


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