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Zara Sale Goodies

I felt a little like a Gondola rower with this outfit.. perhaps because of the gorgeous red stripes? I recently headed over to the Zara sale online to see what bargains I could pick up, in fact I was one of those people who waited for the countdown for the sale to begin and refreshed the website every couple of minutes to ensure I could have first dibs. This t-shirt was one of my sale goodies and I'm absolutely obsessed. I don't own anything red and white striped so for me this was an absolute must to add to my wardrobe as stripes go with absolutely everything and seeing as I'm blonde it's a perfect contrast to my hair. I paired up my red stripes with my black tassel jeans from Topshop, which are another essential item to my wardrobe. I've decided I'm not keen on skinny jeans anymore, I seem to have hit a wall. However, my new muse in terms of jean styles has to be a boyfriend/Mom cut as I feel they work better with my figure and are a lot more flattering personall…

Effortless Summer Attire

Happy Saturday y'all! Once again I've been doing my Princess thang and serving up some old school party games at children's parties in my high polyester mixed costumes. .. And for once I am thrilled that it's not ridiculously hot & sunny on the weekend because I wont be sweltering in my little car that has no a/c.. first world problems, eh? However, I do miss being able to throw on simple, effortless outfits like the one above with the warmer weather. My monochrome pleated trousers are a Topshop bargain that I have seen most girls wear around my town. I guess when you get such a cute item of clothing hitting the highstreet you'll never be the only owner, right? Super, duper comfy and versatile.. two of my ultimate factors when selecting pieces of clothing to stock into my wardrobe. My v-neck jersey top is also a Topshop piece, a little more old school but still a great little number to throw together with outfits. You can never beat a simplistic jersey item!
On my fee…

A Little Yellow Number

Pretty gutted that whilst I'm writing up this Summery little old blog post there's a massive dark grey cloud hovering over my house whilst it's pissing it down. How does that always happen to me? Welcome to my brand spanking new addiction to buying dainty Summery dresses that must include some sort of ruffle, floral pattern or the boldest of bold colours. This little yellow number is from New Look and was a spontaneous buy after work one day when I was trying to waste a little time before heading off to babysit. I don't own much yellow and that's probably the reason this little baby caught my eye as it's something that would stand out in my wardrobe. Underneath I layered up a cropped black t-shirt, again New Look, which I discovered down the side of my bed during my house move.. I knew I'd lost it somewhere somehow! On my feet are my all time favourite Converse that are always my bog standard go-to casual pair of shoes. Finally, I have a pair of Primark sunglasse…

80's American Dream

Absolutely loved this combo! I felt like I belonged in 80's America with my boxy shirt & hound tooth print trousers.  Both of these items are Topshop classics and work perfectly sweet together. I rediscovered these printed trousers not too long ago whilst riffling through my wardrobe, completely forgot I even owned such a pair. But super happy that they were dug out as they are pretty much a go to pair of trousers for me now, so easy to pair with other items I own as well as adding a little spark to my outfit, which is the beauty of pattern. My chunky metallic shoes are from New Look and are my boyfriends worst nightmare, which is why I whack them out at every opportunity- it's good to face your fears, right? I thought I'd add a little something extra by throwing on my fishnets, which are from Missguided. Another accessory to really spice up any outfit if you're feeling you could so with something extra, why not add fishnets? I then have my all time favourite Mac lipsti…