Yellow & Gingham

I haven't worn these bright old yellow bad boys in absolute yonks but I thought I'd dig them out of the charity bag and give them another go.
Does anyone else do the same? Have a complete clear out and throw anything that you haven't worn in practically years into a charity bag but then suddenly have a change of heart. Then you end up with even more piles of clothes cluttering up your wardrobe and lets be honest, you still probably wont wear them!
These luscious yellow babe were from ASOS and are donkey years old but yellow isn't exactly a colour that's seasonal or easily out of style.
I then paired them up with my Zara slouchy jumper in the softest material I have ever laid my fingers on (that sounds a little creepy!). Underneath I have a gingham printed shirt from Primark, which is absolutely adorable with a peplum silhouette, however it's hidden in this particular outfit post.

*  *  *
I then have an old school classic of my New Look boots in a Chelsea style, which have seen better days to be fair. They're a little battered and broken but they're still seeing me through! I just need to stop taking them out with me on my drunken nights out as I don't give them any TLC.
And of course my standard posy, blogger photos that are to complete this outfit of the day post.. Enjoy your Sunday's honey bears! 

Jumper- Zara    Shirt- Primark   Trousers- ASOS   Boots- New Look


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