Military Jacket Throwback

Ironically I wrote a blog post with this exact military style jacket.. Gott'a love a Time Hop! But it just goes to show that essential pieces for your wardrobe never go out of fashion and can be worn for year and years.
Talking of my military jacket, this one is a Topshop classic from when I first began working as a little naive Christmas temp in 2012 and this was in fact my very first staff purchase.
But I know for a fact Topshop supplies these style of jackets pretty much every year as well as the camo patterned ones, so you can always get your mitts on an identical piece!
My jumpsuit was part of a Boohoo haul that I bought a few months ago, however I have sadly returned this garment since as it pretty much frayed to absolute smithereens, which is gutting because I absolutely adored this jumpsuit.

*  *  *
I'm now back on the hunt to find something similar and still have complete faith in Boohoo because I have some absolute classic beauties from that website that have never failed me.. unfortunately our relationship with this floral gem was just not meant to be.
  I have my Primark white sliders on my feet, which are another staple piece of footwear for my wardrobe this Summer because I have a bit of a problem with overloading my wardrobe with shoes and more shoes.. a few more shoes.
I thought I'd layer up with a grey high neck top from Miss Guided just in case the chilly weather set back in.. apparently not and I was a little sticky (ew).
Lastly.. those bad boy sunglasses that you can just about see balancing on the top of my head are another Primark find and are the most 90's throwback I have ever laid eyes on.. (no pun intended).

Jacket- Topshop    Jumpsuit- Boohoo   Top- Miss Guided
Shoes & Sunglasses- Primark


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