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Preppy Pink Pinafores

I'm absolutely adoring this gorgeous pink gingham pinafore from Topshop.. Literally every time I slip it on I just full even more head over heals in love. This is most definitely the girliest item I have ever owned and most likely will ever own. Absolute sucker for anything dungaree or pinafore themed right now! How was your weekend chumps? I had a little bit of a spontaneous trip to Camden to meet my boy- spontaneity isn't something usually associated with myself but I'm pretty proud for planning something so last minute and going with the flow of wherever our travelcards will take us.

*  *  *  I paired up my perfectly pink pinafore with an All Saints sweater that I bought last year whilst working for the brand and no matter how simple and casual it is, it's hands down one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe. Super, super comfy and I stick it on for those lazier days! On my feet are my classic Converse just to add a slight 'tomboy' vibe to my whole outfit.  Then w…

Jumpsuits & Skater Shoes

Well, this heatwave we're experiencing it little old England is rather glorious, eh?! However, working within an office that never installed A/C is absolutely unbearable to say to least and I have found myself sweating in places I never knew you could sweat from (slightly TMI). For this outfit of the day post I wore my Boohoo jumpsuit that is made from a wonderfully lightweight material and is a culotte style. This jumpsuit has been perfect for Spring and Summer as it's super easy to layer with turtle necks and t-shirts or to wear just by itself for those scorcher days.

*  *  * Underneath my jumpsuit I layered up with a Primark ditsy floral shirt, which again is perfectly lightweight chiffon material meaning I don't end up overheating! Floral pretty much pairs up with everything, which is why it's such a staple print to have in my wardrobe and especially to liven up a plain old jumpsuit.  I thought I'd then add a little splash more colour in the form of my MAC lipstick &#…

Yellow & Gingham

I haven't worn these bright old yellow bad boys in absolute yonks but I thought I'd dig them out of the charity bag and give them another go. Does anyone else do the same? Have a complete clear out and throw anything that you haven't worn in practically years into a charity bag but then suddenly have a change of heart. Then you end up with even more piles of clothes cluttering up your wardrobe and lets be honest, you still probably wont wear them! #Firstworldproblems. These luscious yellow babe were from ASOS and are donkey years old but yellow isn't exactly a colour that's seasonal or easily out of style. I then paired them up with my Zara slouchy jumper in the softest material I have ever laid my fingers on (that sounds a little creepy!). Underneath I have a gingham printed shirt from Primark, which is absolutely adorable with a peplum silhouette, however it's hidden in this particular outfit post.
*  *  * I then have an old school classic of my New Look boots in a…

Military Jacket Throwback

Ironically I wrote a blog post with this exact military style jacket.. Gott'a love a Time Hop! But it just goes to show that essential pieces for your wardrobe never go out of fashion and can be worn for year and years. Talking of my military jacket, this one is a Topshop classic from when I first began working as a little naive Christmas temp in 2012 and this was in fact my very first staff purchase. But I know for a fact Topshop supplies these style of jackets pretty much every year as well as the camo patterned ones, so you can always get your mitts on an identical piece! My jumpsuit was part of a Boohoo haul that I bought a few months ago, however I have sadly returned this garment since as it pretty much frayed to absolute smithereens, which is gutting because I absolutely adored this jumpsuit.
*  *  * I'm now back on the hunt to find something similar and still have complete faith in Boohoo because I have some absolute classic beauties from that website that have never failed…