Sporty Spice

I posted a couple of photo's of me wearing this outfit a few weeks back and have just come across them once again to write up this blog post. However, the weather in the usually miserable raining England has done a complete 360 and is incredibly gorgeous!
So, wearing a big old chunky knit like this isn't really ideal right now, but I'm sure we'll have our classic grey skies back in no time at all.
My rusty coloured boxy knitwear is from Topshop and still remains one of my all time favourite jumpers that I own. I go through knitwear a stupid amount because I'll think that I'm totally in love with a piece and then it just seems to sit and gather dust and becomes a loving home for cobwebs and spiders. 
I guess that just mean's I'm overly fussy but knitwear is one of those items where you have to get the quality right or it bobbles and falls apart in no time at all. Plus it can be super itchy and from having a little try-on session in the store you wont be able to tell compared to an all days wear.
I guess I'm sh*t at finding knitwear gems.. hence why this one has remained in my wardrobe.

*  *  *
Next I have my formal joggers from Boohoo that are such a Sporty Spice item it was hard to just scroll past them on the website. I'd also seen a few bloggers pull off these bad boys and make them look absolutely incredible, so of course I had to give them a whirl!
I'm all for extra comfy trousers that are ultra on trend.. what could be anything better to wear other than pyjamas?
My metallic boots are from Primark and are no stranger to this blog, even though my boyfriend can not stand them at all.
Why would he not want me wearing my equivalent to moon boots all day, everyday?
For accessories I opted for a pair of gold painted hoops (naaat real sadly!) with mini spikes dotted on the outside. I bought these from a Topshop sale forever ago when I was working within the store and never really wore them then. So when I found them buried in my jewellery box (which isn't a jewellery box but more of a dumping ground for bits and pieces..) I thought I'd give them a go!
Sadly, they were short lived when one of the little girls I looked after that day decided to snap one.. luckily not whilst it was in my ear.
Lips.. Macs 'Impassioned' for a pop of colour and much needed pink on a Wednesday!

Jumper- Topshop     Joggers- Boohoo    Boots- Primark
Lipstick- MAC 'Impassioned'   Earrings- Topshop


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