Beefeater (Gillingham, Kent)

I apologize in advance for two factors of this blog post- number one being that the photo's aren't of the best quality thanks to my iPhone 6s being unable to cope with the not so great artificial lighting and the second if this makes any mouths drool uncontrollably.
I was kindly invited to Beefeater in Gillingham, Kent for a taster of their Spring menu and to have a little peak at the brand spanking new refurbishment. 
How could I ever pass up the opportunity of food?
I took my brother along for the trip as he too is a big lover of his food (he'll love me posting that all over my blog!) and I wasn't too sure what to expect to be honest as ironically I'm not the biggest fan of meat.

*  *  *
I'm usually quite a plain Jane and stick to chicken mainly, not really branching out much past the poultry barrier. I'm also not a big fan of the four legged guys (beef, pork, lamb) and therefore I don't have too much of an exciting meat pallet.
But.. I'm always willing to give new dishes a try! So I opted for ribs, chips, coleslaw and a garnish of onion rings and managed to ram most of it down fairly quickly before making myself stuffed to the brim.
I did also choose a starter of breaded mushrooms, which were amazing! I could have easily worked my way through a second and even third helping of those bad boys.
I did even attempt a dessert but unfortunately the one I selected (and probably could only manage!) was out of stock as it had been so popular, so I'm pretty sure a round two of Beefeater will be occurring. It was a gin and tonic style trifle? How incredible, mind blowing and something I will get my mitts on!

*  *  *
The menu itself has a grand variety but not too much that you're stuck between too many options, which can occur so often at restaurants. I always find I end up with food envy from picking the wrong dish too!
Most of the dishes are classic burgers, steaks, chicken dishes mainly served with your sides of onion rings, chips and coleslaw- however there is a section for those who aren't feeling the meaty'vibes and can order curries, pasta dishes, salads etc.
There's also a kids menu so of course it will provide all types of 
kiddie classic lunches/dinners that they'll be munching away on happily including poppin' chicken and chips (..mmm).
The refurbishment itself is a warming, modern style restaurant with almost a barn style vibe? It had a lot of references to cattle and of course Bulls are they are brand animal. But overall the finish was very polished, comforting, amazingly friendly staff and a spectacular lunch date if I do say so myself!

Thank you for having us Beefeater(:


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