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Sporty Spice

I posted a couple of photo's of me wearing this outfit a few weeks back and have just come across them once again to write up this blog post. However, the weather in the usually miserable raining England has done a complete 360 and is incredibly gorgeous! So, wearing a big old chunky knit like this isn't really ideal right now, but I'm sure we'll have our classic grey skies back in no time at all. My rusty coloured boxy knitwear is from Topshop and still remains one of my all time favourite jumpers that I own. I go through knitwear a stupid amount because I'll think that I'm totally in love with a piece and then it just seems to sit and gather dust and becomes a loving home for cobwebs and spiders.  I guess that just mean's I'm overly fussy but knitwear is one of those items where you have to get the quality right or it bobbles and falls apart in no time at all. Plus it can be super itchy and from having a little try-on session in the store you wont be abl…

Back To Reality

If you follow me on social media you'll probably have been blasted with complete holiday spam from my accounts over the past week, apologies! I was extremely grateful to be able to hop on a plane to sunny Cyprus for a week away of eating, sunshine, more eating and total relaxation whilst squeezing in a day of wedding celebrations for a close family friend. Absolute bliss! But sadly I'm now back to the gloom and rain of England, sat in the office at work wishing for my much loved sunbed by the pool. Sigh.. In other news, I've written up this outfit of the day post for y'all with all the details as usual to get back into the blogging swing.
*  *  * My trousers are a fantastically bold hound tooth print from Topshop, I've previously mentioned that their dog tooth but I think dog tooth is a smaller print? I'm not too sure, it's all so confusing! These trousers are an ancient gem to my wardrobe as they were purchased a couple of years back but have always been dragged …

Bold Body Suits

I'm slowly bringing out the bold, bright, eye popping colour's in my outfits to compliment the seasons and are bang on trend with the highstreet right now! You see your oranges, yellows, pinks and greens in the most in-your-face shades that are shouting out 90's vibes in every type of sweater and t-shirt form. That means they can be paired with absolutely everything to give your outfit that pop of colour that screams Summer! I rediscovered my headache orange bodysuit from New Look that I bought this time last year and have been dying to slide back into all year. Body suits are perfect with pairing with boyfriend and other flared jeans, finishing off the look with a jacket thrown over the top- anything from leather to military! I wore my absolute babe of a pair of jeans in the form of Boohoo washed denim boyfriend fit. Can't shout about how much I love this jeans if I tried! They were a bargain £12 and I have never had a pair of jeans fit me so well, complimenting my curve…

Beefeater (Gillingham, Kent)

I apologize in advance for two factors of this blog post- number one being that the photo's aren't of the best quality thanks to my iPhone 6s being unable to cope with the not so great artificial lighting and the second if this makes any mouths drool uncontrollably. I was kindly invited to Beefeater in Gillingham, Kent for a taster of their Spring menu and to have a little peak at the brand spanking new refurbishment.  How could I ever pass up the opportunity of food? I took my brother along for the trip as he too is a big lover of his food (he'll love me posting that all over my blog!) and I wasn't too sure what to expect to be honest as ironically I'm not the biggest fan of meat.
*  *  * I'm usually quite a plain Jane and stick to chicken mainly, not really branching out much past the poultry barrier. I'm also not a big fan of the four legged guys (beef, pork, lamb) and therefore I don't have too much of an exciting meat pallet. But.. I'm always willing…