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When entering the blogging world I never imagined being invited along to events and being given the chance to be introduced to some incredible new products that I may have never otherwise come across before.
A perfect example is receiving an invite to Bluewater's T2 store and getting a taster of some beautifully produced loose leaf teas in celebration for National Tea Day. As a Brit, how could I say no to tea?!
First of all, I'd like to mention how gorgeous the store layout was with a very modern twist to the design. The dark shelving and walls highlighted all the colorful packing of each individual tea and really drew your eyes to the never ending boxes stacked neatly into the walls.

There were several clusters on the shop floor that were stacked with geometric patterned tea sets and even more boxes of tea! I can't begin to tell you how many times I broke into a sweat walking past these stands as I could just imagine knocking one small saucer and the whole set comes tumbling to the floor with a crash.

So, without breaking anything we were told a little bit of information about T2 including that the company originated from Melbourne, Australia and in fact the lovely lady who gave us our tea masterclass was too Australian. 
We (we being myself and the boyfriend who too loves a good brew) were given the opportunity to try three chosen teas and were asked to identify the flavours in each of the loose leafs. They were all very unique in their flavour and no two tea's tasted the same or even had similar fragrances/tastes as the last.

*  *  *
One particular tea we tried was called the Melbourne Breakfast Tea, which I was lucky enough to get my hands on my very own pack to take home and enjoy. If my blog had taste-vision I would send a batch to each and every reader so you could experience the incredible flavour for yourself, rather than me trying to use the biggest and most flamboyant words to describe the taste for you!
Think vanilla.. but a creamy vanilla. Not like a coffee cream but more like a refreshing vanilla? How many times can I say vanilla?.. Vanilla.
All of the teas had an beautiful aroma but they were never too tangy or sweet when drunk. In fact they left a subtle after taste that wasn't too heavy on the pallet (look at me using technical words!). 

We also tried a variety of teas that were iced, which was such a unique experience and a real eye opener to how much sugar we tend to have hidden in shop bought ice tea. The tea we drank wasn't sweet but very cleansing and refreshing, which didn't need sugar. We also learnt that by adding fruit, lemons and limes they can subtly add a little flavour instead of the need of adding sweetners. 
One of the best pieces of information I took from our masterclass was that green tea's are often burnt from scolding water as the leaves can't cope with the heat but prefer to be boiled at 80 degrees. I'm a massive green tea drinker and I've always accepted the 'sewage' taste that comes with my tea, but I learnt that this is a result from having the tea burnt by the water.

*  *  *
I also tried my first ever white tea, which was a very unusual experience- not what I was expecting at all! It was very delicate to drink and very floral with the added rose flavourings. There are three types of tea (black tea, green tea and white tea) that are harvested through the same process but are stopped at different stages, picked, withered via the sun, rolled, dried and steamed.
We even tasted a tea (Singapore Breakfast) that smelt incredibly similar to buttery popcorn.. oh my gaaaawd!
There's certainly something for every taste bud, even if you're not a big tea drinker it's worth heading down to your nearest branch and having a sniff at the mountains of tea T2 have on offer.
I can promise you'll find something that takes your fancy as they have everything to sweet, citrus'y and your classic breakfast variety. Even if you just go and have a waft of Singapore breakfast.. it'll brighten your day!
I was also lucky enough to have a couple of goodies to take home including Beauty Queen, which is a blend of green tea with added liquorice root and jasmine, which is a concoction of goodness for the skin!

Thank you for having me T2(:



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