One Long Old Weekend

I wasn't planning on writing this blog post up until next week but I was going through my outfit photos last night and moving some files around so I thought I'd write this post up before I misplace the photos!
Here we have a classic double denim scenario- a pair of Monki dungaree's, which are not stranger to my blog and are a classic staple essential for my wardrobe. 
Underneath I have an All Saints dark denim wash shirt that contrasts perfectly with the lighter denim dungaree's and therefore doesn't clash or look like an all in one boiler suit with so much denim!
Over the top I threw on my Topshop leopard print coat, which is still seeing me through on most days. It's such a perfect versatile piece that I can chuck with pretty much anything to finish a look and add a little something extra to an outfit with such a bold pattern.
This is why I've been hunting down a leopard print jacket/coat for such a long time as I've seen so, so many bloggers and Instagram's full of the pattern and making it work with so many different outfit ideas.
I have my trusty Converse on my feet and just a small delicate rose gold necklace from Primark for a little touch of decoration as I'm not usually one for accessorizing but I'm learning!

*  *  *

Coat- Topshop     Dungaree's- Monki    Shoes- Converse    Necklace- Primark


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