Battling With The Sun

As you can tell by the title of this blog post, it's pretty hard taking your usual outfit of the day photo's without the brightest glare from the sun making you look like a milk bottle!
So, I do apologize for the quality of these photo's as they really didn't turn out too grand.
However, if you squint you can just about make out my outfit and the adorable dungaree playsuit from Boohoo that I pull out each and every year without failure as I still find it a timeless classic within my wardrobe.
I usually pair it with t-shirts and other Summery tops but as it wasn't quite warm enough to expose the pins and the arms I thought I'd cover up with some sleeves so that I didn't get chilly.
I also find that my arms always get colder than my legs for some strange reason? 

*  *  *
My gingham top is a piece from Primark and was featured a couple of posts ago after my hunt for a gingham blouse/shirt was getting extreme. 
For a little pop of colour I've chosen my Mac lipstick in the colour 'Dangerous', which is a matte formula and was supposedly the 'Lady Dangerous' replacement but I'm not too sure what's happened with the rumor?
I then wore my Adidas Stan Smiths, which I thought would always be super comfortable and never do my feet any harm.. oh how I was wrong.
I stupidly opted for no socks as I didn't have any white ankle socks out of the wash and therefore thought popping into town with bare feet in a pair of trainers would be absolutely harmless, but no.. they tore my heels apart and I was walking like a penguin.
Sunglasses are also Primark, I tend to buy all of my sunglasses from there as they're a couple of quid and it doesn't matter if they break, scratched or lost in the bottomless pit that is my handbag.

Dungaree- Boohoo       Top- Primark     Shoes- Adidas Stan Smith
Lipstick- Mac (Dangerous)     Sunglasses- Primark


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