Ugly Knitwear

I'm starting to become ever so interested in 80's big old knitted pieces, the sort of knitwear you'd receive as a hand-me down or for Christmas/Birthday's that you feel obliged to wear?
Although my jumper isn't a vintage piece from the bold era of the 80's I like to get the replicas that don't burn holes in my pockets.
The uglier,the better I seem to have discovered?.. My boyfriend is becoming disgusted in some of the pieces I've hunted down!

*  *  *
My knitted gem is from Primark as I seem to always head to my local branch whenever I'm in town and I am guaranteed to never, ever walk out empty handed.
You can't go wrong with stripes (fact!) as they're a pattern that is super flattering for so many different body figures and they come in lots of different variations that add detail to an outfit to make it pop that little bit more.
I love the colour's used as they're bright, bold and super vibrant to make a bland old knit into something that just bit more interesting.
Underneath I have an old school Topshop cotton shirt that peeped out the bottom of my jumper, a very preppy finish.
I thought I'd give the jeans a bit of a break and go for something which doesn't dig in when sat down for long periods of time.. wet look leggings baby!
These are from Boohoo and are just your classic wet look finish and are perfect for when you really don't want to face the thought of wearing denim all day. Great alternative!
On my feet are my New Look leopard print boots, which have now gone into sale.. fantastic for you, absolutely gutting for me!
Finally, I have my Granny's old sunglasses strapped to my face- although they're prescription so I can see f*ck all!

*  *  *
Jumper- Primark     Shirt- Topshop      Leggings- Boohoo   
Boots- New Look     Glasses- Vintage



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