I Love Cheap Frills

If you're a bit of a Sia fan like myself then I'm sure you can appreciate the title of this blog post- a nice little play on words there my friends!
After last weeks slowest of slow weeks I can't quite believe we're already on Thursday, this week has completely zoomed by!
This blog post is a little overdue as those who follow me via Instagram (@louisemarguerite) will recognize a cheeky little snippet of this outfit from a few weeks back, but I found the full details on my memory card, which are all ready for a fresh post.
My blouse is a piece from H&M and cost me around £10.99 if I can remember correctly? I bought it a little while back but it's one of those blouse's that are a little too sheer to wear on their own, meaning layering is essential otherwise 'ello bra!
This was always a daring piece for me with the big old frilly sleeves, which certainly weren't my cup of tea when I first laid eyes on this garment but after some serious outfit consideration of what could be paired with this bad boy, I was sold.

*  *  *
I did a little underlaying and threw over my super soft basic sweater from Zara, which has slightly cut off sleeves meaning that my frills were exposed for all to see!
I then wore my charcoal Jamie jeans from Topshop that are still one of my favourite pairs of jeans in the entire universe.
I've got to add a little pattern to such a monochrome looking outfit, right? Therefore, I brought out the big guns with my leopard print boots from New Look, which I mention every time.. have gone into sale .. SALE!
A little bit of posing in front of the camera and there you have it, my outfit of the day post! Hope you have a lovely weekend(:

*  *  *
Jumper- Zara    Blouse- H&M     Jeans- Topshop (Jamie)    Boots- New Look


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