Statement Prints

I sometimes struggle to style these plisse cropped trousers from Topshop as the pattern and silhouette are both quite loud and bold, sometimes a little intimidating.
However, I think I've found my safe zone and stuck mainly with sweaters, which work perfectly with such statement trousers. Especially the neutral colour's as they then let the print speak for itself without adding too much ciaos/pattern to my outfit.
I therefore picked out an All Saints pale pink sweater that is a boxy, oversized style- one of my ultimate fits as they're flattering for my bodyshape and can be as slouchy as heck or switched up to more of the smarter side.
I then wore a pair of snake print boots from Primark, which are a gorgeous rich burgundy colour that just screams Winter! thought as there's a lot of washed out colour's going on it wouldn't hurt to have one splash of a bold colour.. hola these booties!
I thought I'd then be a little odd and wear a pair of normal ankle socks underneath, which created this really cool look as glitter/fishnet socks are very on trend this season underneath our boots/shoes and therefore what's the harm in a pair of cosy black socks doing the same thing?
I then threw over an old Topshop boyfriend coat, that's still serving me well as well as an old school Topshop grey beanie.. again, a classic piece to my wardrobe that has been around forever.

Trousers- Topshop     Sweater- All Saints      Shoes- Primark     Coat- Topshop    Beanie- Topshop


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