Dressing Up The Tube Socks

I'm a massive fan on pairing frilly, sparkly, sporty and anything a little bit quirky for a sock with cut out boots and trainers. This literally seems to be my new obsession and I can't consider a finished outfit without those vital sock details!
As you can see, this outfit was no exception! I bought this tube socks from Topshop and other than being lined with the softest fabric that feels like they're hugging your tootsies they are just darn fabulous.
It's like a sneaky part of my Tom-boy childhood is making a comeback in my 20's! I paired my tube socks with my black cut of boots from New Look, which have been on my blog loadssss of times.
Upwards from that I wore my Boohoo tartan pattern trousers, which I like to wear when I feel it's time to switch up from jeans. Just a little bit different!
I then have an All Saints grey sweater, for super comfort and a little bit of a casual vibe, with my New Look Cookie Monster jacket thrown over the top.
For a little bit of accessorizing I added my Primark rose gold necklace, seeing as I very rarely wear any jewellery other than earrings and rings.

Jacket- New Look      Sweater- All Saints     Trousers- Boohoo     Socks- Topshop
Boots- New Look       Necklace- Primark


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