Cookie Monster Take 3,484

Hey look.. It's my Cookie Monster jacket making another appearance on the blog! I'm fully aware that the majority of my blog posts at the moment consist of an outfit that features this fur ball but I just can't help being so in love.
I think it's perfect when you find a jacket or coat that you can work into any outfit and it keeps you snug as a bug whilst looking awesome- why can't you wearing it out and about all the time? That's what jackets are there for right? To throw over your outfit and be as versatile as possible so that you get your moneys worth.
However, after this post I can assure you the Cookie Monster love cools off for a little whilst my other clothes take a bit of the spotlight for a change.
So.. the Cookie Monster piece is a sale piece from New Look, which some of you probably know by now as you've read my previous posts (you rock!).
I then thought I'd add the classic denim shirt into the mix in the form of a ASOS piece that's in a light denim wash and works well with pretty much anything and everything.
I wore my wet look leggings from Boohoo that are my lazy leggings, basically if I'm really not able to bare the thought of wearing jeans all day I'll head for leggings, but at least these are a little different than your classic cotton ones.
On my feet I have a pair of glitzy, sparkly socks from Topshop that I've been pairing with all kinds of shoes (head over to my Instagram for the gallery!).
The shoes themselves are from ASOS and are your simple, classic pumps but with the leopard print to spice them up a little bit. I'm not really a pump type of girl, but add a little point or statement print and I'm easily persuaded.

Jacket- New Look       Shirt- ASOS      Leggings- Boohoo    Socks- Topshop
Shoes- ASOS


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