Bomber Jackets & Moon Boots

These moon boots are one of my greatest purchases of all time! I still wasn't convinced that I could pull off such a bold style of shoe but I was determined to make it work one way or another.
My boots themselves are from Primark and cost me an incredible £5- an offer I certainly could not refuse! That way if I really couldn't stand them when I got these babies home I could stick them on Depop and be done with it- without any tears!
I paired my boots up with a pair of Forever 21 cigarette style trousers as I've been wearing jeans to absolute death recently. It's always nice to switch it up once in a while and go for something that's been gathering dust in the wardrobe.
I then added a New Look, extremely ancient striped long sleeve top that I thought would compliment my outfit well because of the classic stripe pattern.
Can't go wrong with a bit of stripes, eh?
Finally, I threw over my Miss Guided bomber jacket in a rusty dark orange colour- could possibly pass for a chocolate colour?
It has a luxury feel to the jacket as it's almost velvet like but even softer, something that I strive for with all my jackets- comfort is key!
I'm also not very good with the material velvet as it makes my skin crawl for some reason? I guess it like when certain people can't touch sponges or polystyrene.. mines velvet.

Jacket- Miss Guided      Top- New Look     Trousers- Forever 21     Boots- Primark



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