Leopard Print Obsession Grows

I've managed to finally get my hands on a leopard print skirt after what feels like a life time! Whoop whoop!
Well, to be fair it was more the fact that I was being a right stinge and refusing to purchase one that was over priced (in my opinion) and therefore would just sit gathering dust in my wardrobe because for some reason that is what seems to happen when I splash out on something.
But I stumbled into Primark (don't you hate that? When you just find yourself in Primark, picking up a basket and helping yourself to anything and everything?!) and came across this bad boy, which set me back just under a tenner! I couldn't be more thrilled as it looks identical to the Cara Delevingne one from Topshop, which was about £50? If I remember correctly.
As mentioned in previous posts I'm attempting to be a little more bold and daring with my style and therefore trying out new prints (for me) that I wouldn't usually sway towards. Leopard print is one of those prints, as I feel it's quite a comfortable print and can ease you in without being too in your face, especially in the form of a skirt, jumper or shoes.
My jumper is All Saints, just a plain old pale pint sweater that was ultra slouchy and comfortable.
I then threw over my faux leather Forever 21 jacket that's been by my side for a few years now and then on my feet are of course another favourite of mine, my New Look Chelsea boots.
Little bit festive in the form of my bobble hat, which is an old Topshop piece that I grabbed in a sale once upon a time ago!

Skirt- Primark       Jumper- All Saints        Boots- New Look      Jacket- Forever 21
Hat- Topshop


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