Adidas Throwback

So, Adidas is obviously a brand that's been a huge success within our highstreet for absolutely forever but a couple of years ago it made an awfully good comeback and has since been popping up all around social media.
I thought I'd join that bandwagon and buy my first Adidas piece since 1998 when I was a teeny tiny gymnast parading about in matching tracksuits 24/7.
I wasn't really keen on the whole sporty attire on myself anymore as it's been a little while since I've worn anything close to this sort of style- but I thought you can't really go too wrong with a black t-shirt and a tiny logo.. right?
This t-shirt cost me £25 from Topshop, a little pricey for a t-shirt but as it was branded and I had a giftcard to spend I was more inclined to give it a try.
Underneath I wore a Primark knitted piece with an adorable frilly collar that I thought would add an essence of girly to my outfit underneath a sporting number.
On the bottom half I have a pair of light wash Mom style jeans from Boohoo, which are probably the best purchase of the year so far- costing me £12 in the sale and fitting incredibly well!
Of course I opted for my New Look black boots, nothing new or fancy there but a classic style that will compliment the rest of my outfit.

T-shirt- Topshop     Knitwear- Primark      Jeans- Boohoo    Boots- New Look


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