Esprit Outerwear Picks

Something a little different for today's blog post but I wanted to focus on a couple of pieces I stumbled across in my local Esprit that I thought I'd share in a little post.
Coats/jackets are one of my favourite pieces of clothing to purchase what ever the season, whether they're light weight and airy for Summer or thick and snug for Winter- there's always a statement coat that is screaming out for me to purchase!
I wanted to focus on Esprit for this blog post as I feel that I came across a variety of different styles, fabrics and silhouettes that can surely compliment every body shape and be the 'perfect' outerwear piece for someone's wardrobe.
These three coats were my top picks and are very neutral in colour but with different cuts and shapes to them to create a more formal finish or casual depending on your personal choice.
The first jacket I tried was an Aviator style jacket and is one of my all time favourite types of jacket. It's thick, cosy and compliments any outfit I've thrown together! A timeless, classic casual piece for most occasions (if not all!). The second was a cream boyfriend style coat that is slightly thinner in fabric but certainly a lot more elegant, especially being a daring colour seeing as it would be a target for any stain!
The third coat I didn't photograph but is another boyfriend style coat in a dark camel wash fabric with an added detail of a waist belt. I'm not normally one to take to a belted coat but I thought this would look perfect to exaggerate hourglass figure or even worn loosely in a knot to create more of a laid back finish.


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