Teddy Bear Jacket

Aren't teddy bear jackets just the ultimate? I never used to be a fan as I thought they were a little too chunky and boxy on my figure but my God has that all changed recently!
This gorgeous camel colour one is from Miss Guided and I've been mixing it up with so many different outfits as it's just ridiculously cosy and snug for the bitter coldness outside.
I believe I got my hands on a 25% off discount code before proceeding to the checkout, which was even more of a reason to purchase this perfect piece.
The colour itself is so versatile that you can wear with pretty much any colour palette and easily dress it up or down for different occasions, something that is such a bonus in a jacket/coat. 
Underneath is an old school Topshop shirt in a thick flannel material. I believe you can buy something similar to this as it's one of those items that they get in annually? It's slightly oversized and boxy that it's perfect for throwing on with a casual outfit.
I've then got my Joni jeans on, again Topshop and on my feet are a pair of glittery black socks, unfortunately not very noticeable on camera, followed by my Reebok classics (a little tattered from tour).
A bit of colour to spice up my outfit in the form of Mac's 'Dangerous' in a bright, bold orange colour.

Jacket- Miss Guided       Shirt- Topshop     Jeans- Topshop (Joni)   Shoes- Reebok


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