Roll Neck Dream

So once again my little black dog wanted to get in on the action with shooting my blog photo's hence why the first photo exists as I thought it was quite cute!
I recently went ridiculously overboard in New Look and spent far too much money on items that I sort of fell in love with.. a lot. One of those items was a beautifully soft, simple and versatile roll neck jumper that is so, so toasty it literally makes you melt in a blanket of comfort and happiness (no joke).
I bought mine in a large as there were no other sizes available but I couldn't bare to leave said jumper all alone and took my chances on a bigger size. Personally, I prefer the oversized fit so I was happy either way!
I then wore my Topshop Jamie jeans in a faded black colour that have cut off hems (thanks to a pair of scissors and some very steady handy work on my behalf).
On my feet are another gem that I found on this New Look splurge! I've been dying to get my hands on a pair of leopard print boots for absolutely ages now and haven't found the 'right' print. I know that sounds weird but I find some leopard print can look a little tacky, which is why I was being so specific for what I wanted.
These boots set me back £30.00 but I feel that New Look quality of shoes/boots is always very good and for a pair of boots to see me through winter I think that's a very reasonable price?

Jumper- New Look     Jeans- Topshop (Jamie)     Boots- New Look   Lipstick- NYX (full throttle)


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