Primark Bargain Boots

I have not worn red lipstick in absolute forever?! It's not a colour I usually go for when deciding through my collection of lip colour's and plus I'm wanting a brand that doesn't leak into all the creases around my mouth, do you know what I mean? This colour I'm wearing in this post is great to apply and for the first hour looks bold and beautiful, however it then bleeds and looks absolutely awful! I came out of a coffee shop looking as though I'd just snogged the waitress.. 
Anyway, moving on! My shirt is from Primark and is a little large around the arms, but I've recently been buying shirts in a couple of sizes up (as mentioned in my previous post) so I'm happy to make a sacrifice on the sleeves for an oversized fit.
My jeans are Topshop's Mom jeans as I thought I'd go for the slightly slouchy approach on my outfit rather than wearing skinny jeans.
My boots are also Primark, a gorgeous burgundy faux snake skin print that are super comfy and able to walk about in without tottering over or slipping because of an ungripped sole. I've had such success with Primark shoes/boots recently and can not praise them enough for their efforts on creating such beautiful creations. They're reasonably priced too and a good quality for what you're paying as I haven't had any of my pairs full apart or dissolve in the rain (as of yet, shall keep you updated!). Really, really impressed! 
I've then flung my faux leather jacket from Forever 21 over my shoulders to create the classic 'blogger' pose!

Jacket- Forever 21      Shirt- Primark        Jeans- Topshop (Mom)      Shoes- Primark


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