This was totally a different look from my usual (well, I think so anyway!). I think it's because I've worn my hair in a style that I wouldn't usually go for and the overall look is quite preppy, which isn't a theme I tend to aim for when choosing outfits.
Any how, I still liked the finish and thought I should try new and unusual styles from my comfort zone such as how I wear my hair (rather than the classic pony tail and bun) and branching out with my lipstick collection to discover some new shades.
My jacket is from New Look and is a faux suede material, which gives it a high quality finish that makes it look so, so much more expensive than it actually was. I believe it was around £35?!
Underneath I have a long sleeved, high neck top from Zara that has very faint striped detailing to it. I then have my good old black Joni's from Topshop, my essential jeans that I wear whenever and wherever! Super comfy and a perfect fit for my figure!
On my feet are my Select Fashion brogue style shoes with a patent finish that I haven't worn in forever but if you've been following my blog for a little while I'm sure you recognize them!
Lipstick is NYX's Full Throttle, an incredible product that dries with such a high quality matte finish that it amazes me every time! Everyone thinks its MAC yet is half the price from Boots.

Top- Zara      Jacket- New Look     Jeans- Topshop (Joni)       Shoes- Select Fashion
Lipstick- NYX (Full Throttle)


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