Ditsy Floral Shirt

These weren't the best photo's I've taken for my blog but I did love my outfit choice so therefore wanted to publish the post anyhow!
I just look ridiculously awkward and I can't work out why? It's not like I've been shoving my camera on a tripod, hitting the timer and running into position for three years or anything?
Ah well, my outfit.. I was wearing a ditsy floral shirt from Primark, which has been featured in my blog previously but this time I decided to layer it up with a Miss Guided grey turtle neck top underneath. My shirt is a couple of sizes larger for me as I'm all for an oversized fit rather than anything fitted at the moment, especially when it comes to sweaters, knitwear and shirts.
I've then got my trusted Joni's on from Topshop that I swear by, apart from when I go for dinner/lunch/a massive breakfast as they do become a little restricting on the stomach. Good old high waisted, eh?!
On my feet are a pair of black heeled boots from New Look that are pretty old but as they're a classic style I'm pretty sure you can buy a similar pair every season.

Shirt- Primark       Jeans- Topshop (Joni)      Boots- New Look


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