Pleated Blouses

I have found the most adorable pleated blouse in a daring bright white colour from H&M, which cost me just under £10! Absolute bargain!
This is really out of my comfort zone in terms of how big the cuffs were on the sleeves as I'm not usually one to go for big ruffles or pleats but I thought why not give it a go?
Unfortunately the top itself is a little see through due to the material being quite thin so as long as you have a vest top underneath or a nude bra we're all good here.
I thought I'd pair up a pair of cut off jeans in the form of my Dree's from Topshop as I didn't want to do a monochrome theme with my usual black Joni's.
This just added a very casual flair throughout my outfit as the blouse itself is very over the top and screams for the spotlight!
  On my feet are my New Look black boots with a slight heel just to extend the illusion that I have longer legs than I actually do...
Finally, I went for a bit of lippy and applied a classic Mac in the colour 'Whirl', which is a beautiful Autumn shade as it's not too dark yet slowly edges its way into the dark category.

Blouse- H&M          Jeans- Topshop (Dree)         Boots- New Look           Lipstick- MAC (Whirl)


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