Old School Topshop

This whole outfit consists of brand new and old school Topshop, a little bit of a mix and blend! The colour's of my shirt and coat really complimented each other, which is why I thought they would pair up together perfectly during the Autumn season.
I'm slowly dragging out my coats from the closet and throwing them on as I seem to always be cold at the moment?
I thought the colour of this coat would work so, so well with most of my outfits as it's a deep burgundy, a colour which compliments pretty much all the neutral colour's and adds that little bit of colour I always crave.
My shirt is a gorgeous silk material and is featured in my previous post, so it pretty much hasn't left my side..
I'm not really a V neckline person (if that even makes sense?) I prefer scoop or crew necks personally so for me this was quite a big move.
Although, I'm slowly coming round to the idea of button down shirts being unbuttoned a bit too low, but not low enough to flash to the world.
I've then of course got my black Joni jeans on (of course) and lastly my black cut out boots from New Look.

Coat/Shirt/Jeans- Topshop       Boots- New Look


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